Geometric Designed Cushions from Cushion Couture Online – A Blog Feature

Bullseye Red Cushion
Bali Red Cushion



BullsEye – Black

Three separate cushion designs: Bullseye, Bali and Medici currently selling online at Cushion Couture. Each design available with geometric shapes in red tones. These are fabulous as an accessory for a minimalistic and more masculine leaning to home accessorizing. These bold patterns, of strong colours, are statement pieces to background decor that is white, or neutral, or steely grey. The fabrics are natural and so are coolly crisp and the stitching detail adds defined texture to a room that could otherwise appear quite sterile in appearance.

Cushion Couture sells cushions of many styles and to suit most tastes at affordable prices. The company have recently featured on TV’s Grand Designs, 60 Minute Makeover and have supplied Cowboy Builders. Cushion Couture are also stockists of designer cushions and other soft furnishings, and have a newly launched website with lots of new ranges.

Wishing the business continued success!

logo cushion Couture


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