Review of Brother P-Touch H75 Handheld Labelling Machine

The Brother P-touch machine PT-H75 creates durable labels and has an easy to use ABCD keyboard. We are informed that this new handheld machine is more easily portable because it is lighter and more compact than the previous model. Dimensions 107.4 mm (W) x 202.6 mm (D) x 56.6 mm (H); has an LCD display. Both the PT-H75 Hand Held Labelling Machine and PT-1010R Mains Adapter are available from Printer Base online

What is in the pack?

Pack includes the machine, a tape cassette with 4 metres of black on clear laminated *TZe tape (4 sizes up to and including 12mm), plus six AAA alkaline batteries (LR03) Note: an AC Adapter is available to buy separately. Also in the package an instruction sheet and a tape catalogue. As with all Brother units includes a one year guarantee from the date of purchase and the option to set up an extended warranty.


Straightforward instructions to start allowing the setting of language, the unit or measure (mm/inch) and the date and time.


Text can be upper or lower case, or a mix of, and be printed on one of the following width sizes of tape: 3.5 mm, 6 mm, 9 mm, 12 mm (for two line text use either 9mm or 12mm). Text sizes: large, medium and small and the machine adjusts according to the tape width. Has thirteen groups of symbols. Some characters can be accented. Text can run horizontal or vertical.

Label Design

Normal, bold and outlined print running horizontal or vertical, which can be presented in a frame, if preferred, for example: a round shape, banner, alternatively fonts can simply be standalone, underlined, in italic/italic shadow. There is a tab setting option for aligning text that has gaps (tabs). The labels’ length can be adjusted and there is an auto format facility (six in total) geared toward the preferred application.

Printing Labels
Has a preview function, but the LCD will only show the text – it does not show any design feature(s) that have been selected. Printing happens automatically once the printing button has been pressed. It is possible to tape feed without printing. The tape cutter lever is on the upper-right and corner and this needs to be pushed in firmly, to cut off the label, but only once printing is completed. It is possible to print more than one copy of a label, and in various styles too (chain printing). A numbering sequence, and a mirror (backwards) print can be set up. A maximum of 9 copies of each label can be printed.

TSS says Whatever your label requirements are there is much scope to achieve it with this P-Touch H75 machine. It is designed for home and office use, makes labels for signs, shelf tags, name badges, filing systems, computer disks, cables, and switches. One of our testers says he has uses label printers in the workplace and found this machine easier to use in comparison. We believe this machine is ideal for labeling 'use by dates' and 'batch numbers' on food packaging , and even works in craft working as some of the illustrations show. We found if we repositioned labels quickly, we could do this without losing adhesion. Labels are hard wearing so will not discolour and have the corners turning up as those of inferior quality.

*TZ tape is also supported



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