Review of Socks 24/7 from the specialist clothing range at Absolute 360

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The product: Socks 24/7 are made from a manufactured material that has much potential to help the body’s own physiology in three key areas:
1. will promote a feeling of comfort and well being
2. will help to improve areas of physical performance
3. will aid recovery
Colour: Black.
Socks 24/7 are available in Trainer, Ankle or Long. NB. Trainer Socks are also available in White. Machine washable.
Made in Italy

The place: Selling online from the UK, to UK residents only, at Major credit cards and PayPal accepted.

The price: All prices include VAT. Delivery is extra. It is worth checking the website regularly for offers, but when trading at full price Trainer style retails at £12.99 – Ankle style RRP is £16.99 and Long style is £19.99. A designer price tag indeed, yet online research have proved these to be compression style socks of high end quality. NB. Socks 24/7 are manufactured with a different fibre material than other socks of a similar type, different too, from those selling flight socks and from the support wear made by major sports clothing companies. The material is called *BYON

The Promotion: the company is new to the UK, trading via the website since June this year.The business has been active on its own social media outlets, including Twitter @Absolute360 and on Facebook where testimonials are there to view from customers who have purchased body support products made from the same Byon fibre.

Infrared_Body_SupportTSS says: When you first remove the socks from the package what strikes you is that they look like a pair of ladies black pop socks with a high denier, and the flat seams furthers the thinking in that direction, so slightly unimpressive and thoughts of overpricing comes to mind. Wearing the item however, even for a short time, enabled out testers (of both sexes) to dismiss any negativity about the product, and, likewise, dispel any opinion that these might not be value for money. When wearing Socks 24/7 the feeling of comfort and gentle compression is experienced when worn next to the skin and this increases and improves blood circulation. This actually happens! We verify this first hand. The company makes many claims in respect of the health and medical benefits of BYON and we cannot endorse much of that in a 500 word review. What we can, and will say, is, that wearing a pair of these socks for long periods of time, (the longer the better hence the name 24/7) is that recovery and healing will come about. This is due to the nature of the material, the benefits of the compression, allowing therapeutic effects to be experienced. And great news for the customer is that the fit is fantastic; they bear no resemblance to ‘tights’ and they will not snag or ladder! They are cool in both senses of the word, and both men and women should be prepared pay a high price for such feet, ankle and leg covering elegance. The male model above is wearing samples taken from Absolute 360’s product lines, most of which could be classed as sophisticated, performance clothing – Recommended.

It is advisable that you check your size with the retailer before purchasing.

* patented BYON, an infra-red emitting fibre



2 thoughts on “Review of Socks 24/7 from the specialist clothing range at Absolute 360

  1. Excellent quality, soft, breathable and so comfortable you forget you’re wearing them! After wearing a pair of the long socks on a UK to Australia flight with long delays, my feet remained comfortable throughout… even 30+ hours later! The benefits of this range are priceless!


    1. Thank you 🙂 We have made the Socks 24/7 range even better! We have redesigned the existing range so it now feels even lighter, it truly feels like a second skin!

      We have also introduced the no-show socks to the range and we have expanded the size range.

      If you want your feet to experience something truly comfortable as well as reaping all the benefits of far infrared clothing I invite you to take a look at our online store and the feedback left by our valued customers.


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