Review of The Mira 360i SHOWERHEAD

Rain -
Figure 1 Rain –


Mira 360i boxed
Mira 360i boxed


showing - Rain spray head
showing – Rain spray function
Figure 2 showing - Burst shower function
Figure 2 showing – Burst shower function
Figure 3 - Storm spray setting
Figure 3 – Storm spray setting
showing - cloud shower function
Figure 4 showing – cloud spray function


The Mira 360i has four distinctly different spray options contained in a large, pill shaped showerhead with a 9.5cm diameter and has a pin running through the middle section allowing the head to pivot and so be turned – manually. The user can choose up to four positions for the spraying water to be distributed to achieve the desired showering experience. Promotional terminology calls this ‘Flipstream Technology’ but is basically a simple mechanism which allows the head to be flipped, but it is a neat idea and brings added benefit and enjoyment to showering due to it functionality and form.

It goes like this: The first circular face (Figure 1) produces: Rain – which is a strong spray with big droplets, flip it 90 degrees so the edge with the metal slot is at the bottom and you will have selected: Burst (Figure 2) – this time the water fall is delivered in sheet form. A further 90 degree flip to the reverse circular face and you have: Storm (Figure 3) – which delivers a breathtaking, saturating downpour (and it does), and finally the last 90 degree turn (hence the name 360) positioned so the small outlet on this edge is down pointing will produce Cloud (Figure 4) – and is a softer sensation all round and a little less drenching.

TSS says: Under test conditions we found the item to work best as a shower fitment within a shower enclosure, or behind a shower screen/wet room screen, and not so well as a bath shower. The reason being is that when you flip between functions water can channel between two outlets for a time until you achieve the correct positioning, so you could be aiming jets of water to the back of the wall. In a fully enclosed, full length shower this would not matter, but when positioned above a bath, water could easily flood around the tap area and so you would require a bath screen that is extremely water tight to prevent seepage to the bathroom floor happening. The Mira 360i Showerhead is also quite weighty and so a fixed or ratchet type wall bracket into which it slots would need to be strong and fully operating.The Mira 360i showerhead has strikingly pleasing aesthetic qualities.

The Mira 360 is available in three versions: The Mira 360i detailed in this review is (RRP £69.60 ex VAT)

The Mira 360m is contemporary too but a minimalist design in comparison with the 360i – is (RRP £60.00 ex VAT)

The Mira 360r is more more rounded and with a design more aesthetically softer than the 360i (RRP £60.00 ex VAT)

Mira 360m
Mira 360m
Mira 360m
Mira 360m
The Mira 360m
The Mira 360r

All three are available to buy as separate, standalone items that can be used to update an existing shower or can be bought as a part of a complete fitting kit that comes in a choice of two – Magnetic or Classic.

The Mira 360 range is available from plumbers and builders merchants nationwide, as well as bathroom showrooms and DIY stores. The items are compatible with all plumbing systems. Easy to fit – no tools required and will fit all hoses.

For more information about The Mira 360 Showerheads and kit(s) or for any other queries visit or call 0844 571 0005


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