Review of Ravensburger Children’s Puzzles entitled The Snowman and the Snowdog

The Artwork

The artwork used is licensed and subject to copyright. Permission received by Ravensburger to produce images in a puzzle format.

The Theme

Scene is of a snowman party in a snow covered landscape with animated characters: The Snow dog with his cute little mismatched socks for ears, together with The Snowman, The boy and Father Christmas (three characters made famous from being in the original (1982) short film), are at the forefront, smiling and waving.
snowman and snowdog 2

The Product

This is a puzzle for children and is available in four sizes from six years upwards. Ravensburger have ensured that as one grows (from early years and up), there is a Ravensburger puzzle to suit all in respect of age, ability and appeal. The Snowman and The Snow Dog is available in the following:
6 years (100 pieces XXL), 7 years (150 pieces XXL), 8 years (200 pieces XXL) and 9 years (300 pieces XXL) – NOTE the image shows Ravensburger puzzle (boxed) for 6+ years – 100 pieces, and, once completed, the size measures 49 x 36cm/approx. 19 x 14 inches. If fixed, can be used to hang on the wall as a decoration at Christmastime.

The Details

It should be noted that the size categories mentioned above are a guide only, saying that these are an excellent indicator for the consumer who may have absolutely no idea of pairing puzzle suitability with a child’s age. Ones personality and dexterity should also be considered however, as some boys/ girls, may prefer to exercise their skills in putting together an ‘easier’ puzzle fairly straightforwardly, and so, even though their attention may only be held over a relatively short time, that accomplishment arrives more quickly and so is more satisfying. Others may prefer something that is a little more challenging and see a slow revealing of the picture, and, for them, it will be a more in depth learning exercise than it would be if simply repeating a habitual process due to the repeated actions that familiarity brings. RRP £7.99. Available from Amazon.

The Promoting
The Snowman and The Snowdog was an animated TV film released in 2012, and was a sequel to the classic short film The Snowman. It was created to mark the 30th anniversary of that famous original. This puzzle falls in line with much of the popular merchandise available depicting these loveable, timeless little storybook/film characters. For further information and to view the extensive range of Ravensburger puzzles and games visit the website

Note: This review is also published at Ravensburger puzzle club


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