APP REVIEW – Woolly and Tig

Woolly and Tig

Developer – Bionic Communications


• Version: 1.1

• Size: 415 MB

• Language: English

• Suitable for children of pre-school age

  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 5.0 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5

This is a game app available from the App Store and can be used on any Apple Device (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch)

Testing this, the first official iPad app from the hit cbeebies TV show, Woolly and Tig, is Zak (aged 3) and his parents Melissa and Adam ‘the testers’


Good. Woolly giggles infectiously. The tasks, to begin with, require concentration to work out logical patterns. The game seemed promising.


Tasks include getting Woolly to undertake daily routines, you can help him clean his teeth and wash his face for example. You are awarded a medal on completion of each section but if you skip out of it straight after finishing, and not listen to woolly chattering, you lose the medal. Tasks have to be repeated to move the medal from silver to gold. You can set schedules for children to do their own teeth cleaning/face washing. There is some free play interaction which is just for fun.


The testers report that there was some confusion with the process on the first attempt which meant that the trial was over in 20 minutes and it was thought there was nothing else to gain. Therefore, first use caused a degree of disappointment. This game appears to be a slow burner however, and Zak has gone back to playing with the app since, he is warming to it, and, has won another medal! Feedback received suggests that you have to work a little bit harder than you do in other games to gain a medal, so children need to know that rewards do not come thick and fast with this one. The game is recommended for children aged from 3 to 6 but Melissa says she is pretty sure this will not appeal to many over 3 years, and she also says that the setting up the cleaning schedule would not be of interest to her son.


Negative – “overpriced.”

Positive – “the graphics are brilliant. Woolly moves and sounds just like the programme.”

The testers state that “Zak is a regular user of iPad apps. This, in our opinion, is overpriced compared to other apps available for preschoolers. We wouldn’t say it is a bad app. We think the price makes you expect more… There are ones on a par that are free. We think the higher price bracket makes you expect a lot more” And comparing with other like for like apps Melissa says “A lot of the preschool apps, they win stickers, so tend to get something as a reward quite often. With this one you must have to do the task a few times to change the colour of the medal (as we were trying to get it to change on the first day (Tuesday). After today, (Thursday) I would award 3 stars – as I was surprised Zak went back to it”.





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