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Today is not just Friday the 13th, it is, apparently, CCChhhhrrristmas Jumper Day! Which is a Save The Children (UK) official fundraising event. A tweet is embedded at the end of this review with the details.

We have enjoyed engaging in the theme in the lead up to it. We have had opportunity to see for ourselves knitwear items from this AW13 season, not just from a well known high street chain, but from online retailers that are selling some really good, quality, woollen goods.

We have been particularly interested in the company this manufacturing and web retailing business has especially captured our attention. This factory based business is located in Leicester, UK. Christmas jumpers is just one brand and has its own dedicated website here. Generally manufacture knitwear items made from traditional patterns synonymous to the craft i.e. cable, fairisle and honeycombe – their sweaters and accessories look, fit, and feel just great, the designs never date, and will help warm you up when wintertime really begins to bite. For men and women.

Another point worth mentioning is about the yarns that are used in the manufacture, and the mixes of materials that are put together. Many items are made from 100% Merino wool and can still be machined washed. Other wool used, the company describe as being British, and so we assume then, that the fleece came from farmed sheep over here and the wool makers are UK based.

Back to the Christmas Jumpers and our samples (see photographs) are made from 50% Acrylic 50% Cotton. The designs are Dancing Stags and Comic Xmas (Blue). The cotton addition we feel is a real plus, better for wearing in centrally heated homes and stuffy offices, which, being realistic is more likely the place you will be donning these this Christmastime. These items are not too thick; have a breathable quality and are lightweight and will wash easily and dry quickly; danger of shrinkage is minimal. Some of the designs are a little busy and would look better on a Christmas card than a jumper, some are exquisitely nice, others make for an unusual item of novelty clothing.

The images of the Christmas jumper range on the website (find link in the paragraph below), do not represent the jumpers that well; so we have illustrated with our own shots the two designs, which will help you to judge; and know that seeing them for real would never be disappointing. There are photographs of the workers making the jumpers and wearing a selection taken from the range on the How it’s made page on the website – view here.

Selling online at – WARNING Stocks are now low. Many sizes have sold out but there is a chance to buy at a reduced price and have them delivered this side of Christmas. Check with the business the last postal dates. A size chart features below – information taken directly from the company’s website, therefore we cannot comment on the accuracy of the measurements. If in doubt we recommend that you opt for ordering one size up rather than one size down – if that makes any sense at all!

Size Guide

PAYMENT DETAILS – order online Paypal accepted and all Major Credit Cards

DELIVERY – fees apply – will ship to the UK and abroad – refer to the website for details

Refer to the website for refund policy.

TSS adds Re: The Websites: The IT used is not state of the art, but email and Twitter communication is quite good, so any queries or problems you might have will be addressed if you are thinking about making a last minute purchase. Telephone number is 0845 299 6501.

Like it or not it looks as if Christmas jumpers are here to stay and will become a regular sight – we’ve seen some stinkers during our research, but we do fully endorse the jumpers from



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