Review of REBORN Matt Emulsion Paint ‘Olive Oxide’ by Newlife Paints

operating, generating
new life, new life ” – lyrics by Depeche Mode

reborn 3

The Product:
Newlife Paints, in a nutshell, is pioneering ways of using processes devised by the company’s Managing Director, Keith Harrison to transform old waste paint into recycled matt emulsion paint which has been repackaged and represented for retail purposes, hence the name REBORN. Olive Oxide is one of twenty eight soft shades that make up the REBORN collection all of which were once unused paints, probably destined for nowhere else other than landfill. So as much as 90% (and a guaranteed minimum of 50%) of unwanted, end of life paint makes up one pot of REBORN Eco Paint. REBORN is a premium quality home decorating product.

The Place:
The factory and offices are based in Ford, West Sussex – Newlife Paints is a progressive, family run business. In the first year of production alone, Newlife reprocessed approx 100 plus tons of waste paint so the company helps in the preservation of natural environment by recycling paint that would be potentially damaging otherwise. Part of the progression means there are other products in the pipeline, and that the company now sells licences for the process, so that businesses can make their own recycled paint.

The Price:
From £29.00 (2.5 litres)

reborn paint


The Selling and Promotion:
The company have achieved recognition and awards from Ethical trading awarding bodies. REBORN is for sale in selective B&Q stores, and branches of Brewers in their eco concious section and is used by many Local Authorities, and by painters and decorators nationwide. Discount for trade and commission offered for specifying or drop ship suppliers.


TSS Says:

In the test it took three coats to cover the patchy plaster walls of an en suite bathroom. The paint odour lingered for a few hours after, due to windows not being left open for long because of the cold weather; and with three coats the smell takes longer to go anyhow. We are confident however, that performance matches that of other premium decorative emulsion paints on the market, with the exception, perhaps, of brands that claim a one coat application is suffice, or of emulsion with a formula specifically made for bathrooms. We poured the paint, in batches, into a tray and applied with a roller. We found the paint to be well mixed, not too runny, and was both highly workable and highly functional. Olive Oxide appears almost a greyish green in the pot, but the green tones seems to liven up as it builds, and once dry on the wall is a soft green that is very pleasing and really does present fresh and airy qualities. So for those whose aim is to bring the garden into the home but wishing to avoid a glaring green this subtle shade is relaxing, and if you could ever describe a paint finish as ‘elegant’ then this most definitely is


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