Book Review – Mollie Makes WEDDINGS

Mollie Makes Weddings

ISBN 978-1-909397-30—9 Main project photography by Rachel Whiting

Published by Collins & Brown Publication date: 6 February 2014

RRP £11.99

96 pages:
Mollie Makes WEDDINGS is 20 craft/hobby projects by crafters who have shared their craft making expertise. The projects incorporate different techniques to make handmade invites, wedding favours and gifts; table decorations and more. Templates and charts are provided.

Mollie Makes is one of the biggest lifestyle and craft magazines and is well established in craft circles online. This is the fourth publication of a range of Mollie Makes books.

Range of information 9/10
In her introduction the Editor Lara Watson identifies some of the crafts on offer and picks out a couple of designer’s by name and introduces their projects. The 20 projects that make up this book have a minimum of four pages dedicated to each one. Material and equipment requirements/suggestions are listed. Instructions for each project are in numbered paragraphs, as are crochet pattern instructions (abbreviations given). Stitch chart included for the Wedding Sampler project. Templates supplied for 12 of the projects but require enlarging.

Quality of information 8/10
The majority of material requirements allows for the up cycling of found textiles and nothing much is set in stone particularly, so details in respect of equipping projects is quite loose for that reason. In the section of the crocheting of the flower posy and the lace and The Wedding Sampler too, they mention brand specific details. As with all Mollie Makes books information is consistently concise, but some info has to be read and then reread in order to grasp it fully. Photography works to display an end result that is achievable. Instructions are clear enough for a beginner. Projects are challenging enough for the more experienced.

Layout 9/10

We have reviewed previously released Mollie Makes books. Here is the link. The format is repeated again in Mollie Makes WEDDINGS. It is a hardback book that is 200 mm x 200 mm (H X W). Cover is predominately illustrated with pastel coloured items and has a vintage look. So joins the other books nicely as a matching set.

Photography/Illustration 9/10

Material requirements within a line drawing and extra tips and related info appear in little luggage labels and coloured heart motifs. Pages packed with photography, from demonstrating step by step working to full paged images. Over 150 images included.

Features 9/10
We always like the choice of artwork printed on the inside covers and that which borders some pages in the Mollie Makes books. WEDDINGS show floral designs that are reminiscent of vintage wallpapers; but are not really that wedding related. Projects include the practice of skills like needle felting, crochet; glass painting; stamping, paper and card crafts; embroidery; sewing; stitching and clay modelling. Using one or more of these techniques you are able to make decorative garlands, lanterns and cake toppers; also a ring pillow; wedding table items and a bridal bouquet from buttons. In the middle of the book is a two page spread (pages 58 and 59) under the heading WEDDING DAY DREAMS where three extra cake topper ideas are given with links to the three maker’s online outlets, plus three ‘special touches’ using paper this time, and, again, links to the designer maker’s websites are included.

This book, as are all the books from the Mollie Makes series, is good value – the projects in WEDDINGS provide much stimulus to undertake home crafted preparations for a wedding day celebration which will certainly save you lots of money if you were to make everything that is suggested. The cost of a wedding nowadays can run into many thousands of pounds. Financial constriction may bear down greatly on that which is desired for that special day; and what can actually be delivered with money available. This is an occasion that does not allow much flexibility to be shrewd with your planning, and whether religion is a feature, or not, all which surrounds a wedding day is often steeped in convention and is high in everyone’s expectation. More and more of us are all embracing of the handmade…but a handmade wedding? It is a nice principled idea if nothing else, but is this just one step too far in the handmade revival story? Over to you…


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