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INVO is an isotonic drink, it is the pure coconut water taken from the cavities of native Thai Coconuts and produced in Thailand. The all round introduction and presentation of this new product is not too ambiguous. The hard copy information available addresses many consumer type questions, and the website promotes the product in a friendly, pictograph style take a look. Coconut Water is the latest health drink craze. People will want to know everything there is to know about this product. So what the company needs to do now is gather up more testimonials and continue to be transparent with the information sharing. We have not had opportunity to compare INVO with other producers of bottled Coconut waters, but in this review we are passing on what we have learned through our research and first hand taste trialing.

The Product
INVO Coconut Water – PURE – is a Coconut water, bottled, and nothing else, so nutritionally – is 99% fat free (less than 20 calories per 100ml), and contains potassium, calcium and magnesium. These minerals as well as essentials salts are naturally present and are easily absorbed in a concentration which is proportionate to that found in human cells, and so, can be classed as Isotonic. INVO coconut water is also a good source of vitamins from the C & B group. The two flavoured versions Pineapple and Thai Lime have no added sugar.

Preservation and storage
Coconut water is bottled raw within minutes of puncturing the Coconuts to extract the water. It then undergoes a high pressure pasteurisation process (HPP) – not heat – to kill micro-organisms. This will always be a product that will need special consideration in regard to storage, and, as it is not recommended that INVO Coconut water be frozen, we hope and expect that the transportation from Thailand follows a protocol and that distribution is swift. This is an item which requires refrigeration; bottles should be stored between 0 – 4 degrees centigrade – this means in store, in your sports bag, and in the home too. Once opened the contents should be consumed within 24 hours and best before dates should be noted.

Sample 1
– the water can turn from clear to a pink colour but this, apparently, is a natural occurring phenomenon. With no additives this has a fresh, raw coconut tasting quality, and, of course, you should not expect it to be anything else! Only 25% of testers could hold their hands up and say they actually enjoyed the drink, saying that, Pure was still the most preferred flavour out of the three currently selling. 100% of testers acknowledged the health benefits and its wholesome qualities and were in total agreement that this is a decent thirst quencher and effective hydrator for during and after workouts and other exercising. 50% of those who took the trial said they would buy it in the future.

Sample 2
Pineapple – 64% coconut water 35% pineapple (not concentrate) and lime. Separation occurs which is normal – give the bottle a shake! Other than that no great shakes when it comes to taste, but again it is wrong if you’re looking for sweetness to compare with the sweet taste of sweetened/unsweetened pineapple juices – as this product, because of the coconut water is not one of the same thing. The pineapple juice ups the sweetness levels from the PURE flavour but not to any real strength – taste is like a really weak and watery pineapple juice.

Sample 3

Thai Lime 97% pure coconut water and 3% Thai lime (not concentrate). Vitamin C present. 100% of the testers agreed that the after taste of the Thai Lime recipe is quite pleasant.

TSS says:

This product is not organic but it is something that is probably very good for you as long as care is taken with storage and use; so to preserve the health promoting elements. There are non-supporters of pasteurised products but we are sure it would be irresponsible, and most probably illegal, to sell raw untreated coconut water to the masses. This is not a bad product by any means and we believe its introduction to ones daily diet could bring great health benefits. We will be watching out for consumer feedback with interest.

Not suitable for Nut Allergy Sufferers – WARNING Coconuts are tree nuts so seek medical advice before consuming any coconut water based juices or drinks.

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