Featuring Ravensburger jigsaw puzzles with designs by artist Aimee Stewart

The Artist
We admire the work of self taught, photo manipulation artist, Aimee Stewart. Stewart uses digital painting and photo image editing techniques to produce imaginative designs. The artwork used to produce these puzzles is detailed and colourful. The colours are rich, bold and bright, and the composition of her artwork is striking because of this. Stewart’s style and what she can achieve artistically fits the Ravensburger brand very well.

Fairytale Fantasia

Tiny little magical creatures and characters from a fantasy/fairy tale world, hence the puzzle title, sit around large books on four rows of book shelves which are topped with a mystical night sky. Among the Antiquarian bound books with titles written on the book spines, many with cursive writing, there are worldly wonders from land, sea and sky featuring. These will slowly be revealed as you piece together the jigsaw. The theme is an enchanted, mythical version of the world, and, much of those beloved, traditional storytelling elements from our childhood memories are there too. A red haired girl in a long, gossamer dress tied at the waist with a green ribbon has climbed the library ladder and is making a selection from the top shelf. This puzzle is quite challenging to do, and the difficulty level is high. The artwork is jam packed with detail and the strong primary colours have only slight variations so it is hard to ‘get your eye in’ to start with and difficult to find all those little scenes within the large one. Starting, as always, with the edge bits in place as a frame, and then singling out all the book titles was the best way to organize a way to go forward with it. We found it useful to have a second picture available as two worked together on the puzzle to complete. Nearing the end however, it was easy to pin point pieces because the colour and design is almost in squared sections of pattern because of the nature of composition, and so, following inspection using the picture as a guide, it was possible to drop upon pieces relatively quickly.


Gloriously vintage

IMG_3408 copy
Glorious Vintage

This jigsaw is deceptively rather difficult to execute, so will be challenging, which is kind of the idea for an enthusiastic compiler. Beautiful artwork with colour tones that are muted and more blending, rather than colours being bold and sharp and easily identifiable. Present once again is the minutest and tiniest of exquisite detailing packed in four shelves, rectangular blocks or bands -with the first band along the bottom being a floor setting and the top band having a sky backdrop and the two middle strips having objects packed into room settings, it is all very unusual, but is true Aimee Stewart in artistic style. Lots of wine bottles, and glasses, jars, and other pouring vessels, plenty of fruits and vines; little figures in vintage clothing, b/w photography. The feel is vintage, fashionable, whimsical and enchanting.

The Product
Anyone who knows Ravensburger will know their puzzles are premium. These boxed puzzles both have 1000 well engineered cardboard and precision cut pieces inside – (materials responsibly sourced). Also included is a leaflet with the Artist biography and a further picture for reference in every box. This jigsaw is rectangular on completion. Not suitable for children under 36 months (small pieces). From 12 years to adult. RRP £11.99

This review also appears at Ravensburger Puzzle club



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