One Wish Sterling Silver Keepsake Jewellery- Original British Design


” If you obey all the rules you miss all the fun…


One Wish is a collection by The Balagan Group. Balagan Ltd is a leader in jewellery design in the UK and one of the foremost wholesale suppliers. Rachel Parkin – designer, author and owner of the business reports One Wish as selling “brilliantly”. This collection (one of nine from Balagan) consists of dainty necklace pendants on delicate chains including lockets, tiny drop and cute stud earrings; and bracelets, all made from sterling silver 925 (apart from birthstone bracelets). Designs vary, there are those with a fantasy element i.e. pixies, fairies, angel wings, and creatures: owls, cats and bees, some designs are symbolical and some are everyday i.e. cupcakes, and hamburgers!


carousel horseThe gift presentation is key to the popularity of One Wish. Each design comes with a sentiment card with a sentence or phrase which relates, directly, or indirectly, to each piece. Thoughtful it is then is to pass on the message to the recipient in the form of this keepsake gift. The carousel horse we’ve illustrated, is of a symbolic nature and is presented with the philosophical words:

If you obey all the rules you miss all the fun…


We must say that we feel the range is best for a child or young adult, although some designs are geared for mothers intended for Mothering Sunday gifts and other special occasions, or Thank You gifts. Chain length of the necklaces for example are just 40cm long, so on a grown up the pendant necklace will sit in and around the yoke of a slim neck. The carousel horse measures 150mm x 150mm approx and so for those who want pieces that are more impacting fashion wise this is not the range. Pieces are elegant and accentuates in a delicate way and with the exquisite presentation and packaging these make for ideal congratulatory type gifts and are real keepsakes.

See below that a recent tweet we have embedded from @BalaganLive – a handy guide to chain lengths for your information:

We have previously reviewed the Blowing in the Wind collection from Balagan click here

Trade enquiries contact 08452 600 925 or the mobile friendly number 01733 236256

One Wish can be found retailing online at Not On The High Street under the shop ‘Kalk Bay’



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