REVIEW of Fine Chocolate items by PRESTAT – London Gin Truffle Easter Egg and Red Velvet Truffles

The Prestat kitchens have won seven Gold Great Taste Awards in the last two years. The company have London heritage, and have, for many years been chocolatiers held in the highest regard. Descendants of the man who created the world’s first recorded chocolate truffle opened the Prestat shop in London, in 1902. Bill Keeling and his half-brother, Nick Crean, bought the business in 1998. As well as their established shop in Piccadilly, there is now a new Prestat concession in Harrods. Prestat are also selling in Liberty, Selfridges, John Lewis both in the capital and countrywide, and online at Prestat began selling chocolates in the USA in 2011. The company also runs a Trading Fairly Social Responsibility Program. Prestat handcraft all of their own chocolates and these are of the finest quality.

Prestat Easter Egg

Prestat Easter Egg and Truffles

If you have not seen Prestat chocolate, packaged in their rich coloured, gold swirl boxes and packs, displayed on the shelves of top department stores, then look out for it next time. This Lemon milk chocolate egg is 37% cocoa, and inside it are Prestat’s Vanilla Truffles (London Gin). Packaged in a Yellow, green and gold box and priced at £15.00 it is just one item from a collection of Easter treats currently selling. The shell contains popping candy and the lemon chocolate is creamy. The white truffles have the dreamiest of ganache centres, while the thick, white chocolate outer layer contains bursts of popping candy with those little taste ‘explosions’ lingering on the roof of the mouth – 2% gin, so an Easter Egg for grown-ups but it is not a boozy truffle, just a beautifully sweet lemon taste lingers. The egg is quite small, but considering the elaborate packaging and the quality of the artisan truffles included the TSS testers were totally sold on the product after sampling. All testers had prior knowledge of the brand but had shied away from it because of the seemingly high price. All testers were in agreement from hereon in, that the item would make a special Easter gift, and that Prestat is a brand they will make a point of buying in the future.

prestat red Velvet Truffles


These raspberry dusted milk chocolate truffles with soft fillings are boxed in theatrical themed boxes, priced at £11.50. In a cake form, Red Velvet is a recipe from southern USA which combines chocolate-red sponge cake and cream. Prestat have emulated this combination in a truffle and has themed the packaging around the richness of velvet and the draped stage curtain which opens scenes, frames scenes and closes scenes of a theatre show. Presentation is classy. And these expert truffle makers have captured the familiar sharpness and intensity of freeze dried raspberries, and the zing you get with this citrus fruit is nicely balanced and contrasts with the creamy chocolate and icing in the filling. Note that we do not like to use marketing speak in our reviews for the sake of it, so wording and detail which might sound advertorial in tone is genuine and deserved in both instances above. Unanimous were the TSS Testers of Red Velvet Truffles, as they were in regard to the reviewing of the truffle egg, that this too is ‘a discerning gift from purveyors of the finest chocolate money can buy‘.

Allergy Advice – both products Contains Milk and Soya. Both products may contain traces of nuts & egg. The Easter egg may contain gluten, and the Red Velvet Truffles may contain traces of wheat and Barley.


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