Review of Kitchen/Bathroom Matt Emulsion by Crown Paints

Crown Paint’s Kitchen & Bathroom emulsions are available in two finishes (Mid Sheen and Matt) and seven colour groups: Reds/Pinks, Blues, Whites, Greens, Yellows, Creams, and Greys

All paints from Kitchen & Bathroom collections are steam proof and stain resistant

Pack sizes : 40 ml, 2.5L, 40 ml

Under review are two Matt Emulsions 2.5 litres – Olive Press and Pure Brilliant White – Price £25.49

This was a repainting project. The surfaces for decoration were a window wall (Olive Press) and ceiling (Pure Brilliant White) of a small guest bathroom. In the pre prep floors and furnishings were covered, the window blind removed, and tiles and skirting boards protected with masking tape. The window was opened for ventilation. Paint was applied with a roller, ‘cutting in’ undertaken with a small paintbrush. Paint was poured from the plastic pots into a painting tray and this was the vessel used for application. The emulsion had a high viscosity, and no separation had occurred in the pot. The odour was fairly minimal. The first coat provided a decent base. Drying time was quick; the paint was dry to the touch in less than two hours. After applying a second coat the quality of the matt finish and depth of colour was evident. We were pleased that we achieved a finish that had that slightly roughened quality about it and no hint of sheen. Two coats of the white paint was suffice for completing the ceiling job but a third coat of the green was required on the window wall, to ensure all patchiness was eliminated from view. Note: a fourth coat may be required if trying to cover something very dark with a colour that is very light/white in comparison

283282273 copy
TSS Says:
In our experience we feel an environment which is often steam filled and where water is being splashed onto painted walls from washing, and when hand drying, requires application of a special paint which will combat residue, marks and stains being left on the painted surfaces as much as is possible. We expect a paint finish that does not hold on to water staining and if it happens to occur we want a paint that allows spotting, streaks and drips to be wiped away easily, in order to preserve the quality of a matte finish. We can verify that these two paints have been put to the test and have fulfilled our expectation in these regards.

Paint manufacturers are doing all they can to encourage us to introduce strong, dark primary and secondary colours into home décor, in an attempt to buck the long time trend of neutral themed decoration. In terms of colour choices we were surprised to find that currently the Olive Press shade is the only Kitchen/Bathroom paint available in the green palette; and that there are no subtle or hints of colour in the white versions either. The Olive Press is a warming shade, but any overuse could be deemed as too heavy and somewhat frumpy. We think if you strike a balance the exact opposite can come about. We have made a feature wall with the Olive Press. This has instilled vibrancy and energy to the room, whereas the use of a pastel shade of green would not have managed to produce the same effect.

These two paints under review are high performing, home decorating products. Recommended.


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