Review of Ravensburger Puzzle entitled THE RED BOX (1000 pieces)

the red box puzzle









The Artist
We have come up nice and close to photograph the many compartments which appears in this beautiful illustration by artist, Colin Thompson (born Colin Willment 1942). The impression is that the picture has been hand drawn and painted using pen and watercolour, but it has been produced digitally in fact with some clever editing techniques used; using computer software. Thompson says that he is able to express his creativity just as effectively as he can when drawing in 2D, by combining digital painting and photographic image manipulation techniques. Thompson’s working background in design and print, and in theatre, will explain his keen eye as his detailing is exquisite and his use of colour makes this a top decision by Ravensburger to produce it in a puzzle format.

The Theme
The picture is made up of lots of red coloured compartments. Within each compartment Thompson has produced a little work of art in itself. Images of the Far East features. A dark silhouette fronts a fiery sky. Designs include China Blue and other oriental patterns; bright coloured parasols and Chinese lanterns; various water holding vessels; old bounded books and ancient time pieces. As you slowly build the picture piece by piece you will spot the creatures here and there (great and small), acknowledge the symbolism depicted and enjoy it when you discover those pieces that are more identifiable such as the dragon mask and the golden, Koi Carp.

The Product
We like having opportunity to review Ravensburger jigsaw puzzles. We like to research the artists and we enjoy compiling the jigsaws, of course! This is another premium puzzle made up of 1000 engineered cardboard and precision cut pieces. For those who have come to know Ravensburger and have enjoyed their products over the years will know that Ravensburger puzzles are always top quality. Included inside The Red Box, box, is a leaflet with the Artist’s biography and a further picture for reference (which is really useful when more than one person is working on it). This jigsaw is rectangular on completion, and measures 69.9 x 49.7 cm approx. Not suitable for children under 36 months (small pieces). From 12 years to adult. RRP £11.99

The Promoting
communication and online selling of this item includes:
This review will also appear : Ravensburger Puzzle club


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