PG tips – Fruit, Herbal and Green Teas






Brands feature on this blog and when it comes down to reviewing a classic British brand such as PG tips; we are, in no way, a slave to the process. For a start the tea products require no introduction and we applaud the company’s quality control having delivered a product of high standard over many years…

(fig 1) shows five green teas, plus Peppermint from the fruit/herbal range

…yet the PG Tips manufacturer, Unilever can still surprise. When our press pack arrived we had no idea of the amount of new Fruit, Herbal and Green teas now selling. There are currently five flavoured Green TeasPure Green, Mandarin Orange, Jasmine, Lemon and Raspberry (fig.1)

(fig 2) teas from the Fruit and Herbal Range

and five Fruit/Herbal teas: Camomile, Peppermint, Red Berries (Caffeine Free), Red Bush and Vanilla (Caffeine Free), and Spices & Mint (fig 2)

The company have also made the move to package tea leaves and the green tea leaves (whichever applies) as well as dried herbs/fruits/berries and dried flower heads (whichever applies), in tagged Pyramid shaped bags which are bleached and not labeled as biodegradable. We see that the flavour can infuse in hot water better when brewed in the confines of a single cup, but for those who prefer the traditional method of brewing tea (in a teapot) the shape of the bag probably has little or no bearing as to the taste and quality of the beverage overall.



An aroma that is identifiable, is just as important as flavour match is to the palate, when it comes to making scented teas. As we opened each pack during the trials we were greeted with pleasant wafts of Cinnamon, Peppermint and Raspberry – and so on, (whichever applied). The Caffeine free blends are ideal as a bedtime drink although the Red Berries infusion is rather sharp. The Camomile and the Peppermint teas are beneficial to drink immediately after a meal and are very pleasant. The Spices & Mint blend is deliciously soothing but a little imbalanced because the mint dominates. All of the teas we have mentioned in this paragraph, as well as all five of the Green Teas passed the taste test, but we stress that teas from both ranges must be infused for at least 4 minutes if not the flavour is weak and watery; a longer infusion still, is recommended, to arrive at the fullest flavour you can achieve when adding hot water alone.


Fruit and Herbal Range RRP £1.19 20 per 40g pack

Green Tea Range RRP £1.29 per 40g pack

20 bags per 40g pack (approx 6p per cup)



from all major supermarkets Note: some do not stock all variants

on Amazon here and also here

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Put the kettle on right now and enjoy a new drink from an old favourite…then, like us, relax and put those feet up!

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