Review of Pump Dispenser – A Mira Cleanse Shower Accessory




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Figure 1 – the dispenser, accessory ring plus fixing arrangements for wall mount installation

This item is a quality shower accessory by Mira Showers. Use with the Mira Agile or the Mira Adept only, ALTERNATIVELY the dispenser can be installed as a wall mounted standalone accessory. Fixings included in the box allows for the dispenser to be parked in position next to the mixer valve outlet on the Mira Agile or at the water outlet on the Mira Adept. If the item is to be a wall mount installation you will need the wall plate mounting brackets plus the two wall plugs and screws for fixing as shown in (Figure 1). Instructions to install, which ever way, are included in the pack along with diagrams. Installation and user guide can also be viewed online

This is a module item from the Mira Agile Cleanse collection. Link to the website is here It is a soap dispenser, ideal for use in the shower as a shower soap or shampoo dispenser. Care to be taken when cleaning, plated finishes should always be cleaned with a mild washing up detergent and then wiped dry using a cloth. Available in one finish only (white/chrome) as pictured. RRP £66.00 including VAT

TSS says: This is a good looking accessory, although there is a slight variation to the chrome finish of the ring in which the dispenser sits to that of the pump and screw fixing on the dispenser itself. The dispenser has a capacity which can hold up to 700 mls of liquid Shower soap or shampoo. It has a big enough opening to allow the transferring of liquid from the largest of plastic bottles straight into it with no mess. One pump discharges a liquid amount the size of a 10 pence coin in the hand; so it would be hard to be wasteful. The pump action is smooth and a thin line of soap is directed easily. In the trial we installed the item onto wall tiles within a shower alcove. The fixing screws are very long, but they need to be as the item weighs quite a lot, especially once soap filled. Another reason for the need of a high degree of holding strength is because of the constant hand pumping action that will be used on it, so ensure you do not opt for smaller screws when fixing to the wall – use those that are supplied along with the wall plugs when drilling. There will be no need to remove the dispenser from its ring during showering as it sits very securely in a halfway suspended position. Installing items like this is worthwhile to keep the area around the shower modern looking and uncluttered. This item retails at £66.00 which we thought to be pretty pricey, we understood the reason for the hefty price tag more when we saw this was made from Bone China and manufactured in Staffordshire. Bone china is brighter and whiter than straightforward ceramic which is made from clay, glazed and fired in the broadest context; the formulation is different. This item, like the Mira 360i shower head we reviewed in the past has striking aesthetic qualities


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