Eco-Spa Moisturising Gloves by OPAL LONDON



Our tester suffers from dryness to the hands. Her circulation is poor to the hands (and feet) and she is sensitive to soap products when in direct contact with the skin. The condition of the skin at the back of her hands is worse over winter months; when the drying affects of cold weather conditions and warm air heating in the house/car, combines.

Our tester has used many hand creams and other treatments to try to improve the condition of her hands over the years. In the test she applied a hand cream that she knows helps to soften the skin. She put on the gloves just before bedtime with intention to wear the gloves overnight. She found she felt very hot wearing the gloves while sleeping and so removed them after wearing for a couple of hours. In the morning she reported that the redness to her skin had gone and the skin on her hands felt soft. Her hands remained in this improved state for much of the day until the drying effects of hot and cold, soap and water began to penetrate once again.

TSS says: firstly, we must stress that the makers do not instruct for these gloves to be worn overnight. They are designed to form part of a SPA treatment which involves other applications being made alongside them, and time (minutes, rather than hours) being set aside to maximize the benefits. These gloves are very thick. They are made from Nylon, which is recognised as being a non-breathable, manmade material and so any clothing item worn next to the skin that is made of it, will warm you. How much credit we can give to the infusing of oil in the gloves from the Aloe Vera Cactus plant to easing the discomfort is questionable, as the tester has always seen improvement to the skin on her hands when she has worn gloves or uses creams that acts as a barrier defence against fluctuating air temperature, the elements and chemical use. It is worth noting that the gloves can be washed at 30 degrees and tumble dried. Labelling states that the Aloe Infusion will last for 20 washes.
The tester believes these gloves can be an effective, ONGOING, treatment for anyone who suffers the discomfort of dry skin on the hands.

Opal London are retailers (and wholesalers) of bathing and spa products, many items have a fun element and contemporary twist to them. Click here to link to eco-SPA Moisturising Gloves on the website


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