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We really did put the performance of an ECOVER dishwasher tablet to the test. Trial involved a full load of cutlery and crockery with some degree of soiling and food scraps present. We included an oven rack with sticky residue from spills, a silicone container in which a loaf cake had been baked, and a large saucepan. The area in which the test was undertaken is recognized to be a hard water area too. We ran a dish washing cycle according to the manufacturers instructions and we verify that it was an unwrapped, Ecover dishwasher tablet (all-in-one) that was fully dispensed into the wash, from behind the dispenser door of a standard home dishwashing appliance. There is no better example that we could have acquired, than this provision of photographic evidence to show the results following a wash cycle using the item under review. Photographing the clean cutlery and crockery items after trialing the performance of the dishwasher tablet was a nice thing to do. Not just because the geometric shapes to be found in a fully loaded dishwasher was interesting to play around with, but because the bright, clean finish of the items was evident and the shine you could catch with the light added quality to the digital image. Please take time to view the slideshow.

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Individually wrapped (wrapping is recyclable) phosphate/phosphonate free dishwasher tablets. Ingredients contained within are plant based and mineral based and so are biodegradable and no unnecessary chemicals, to do an effective cleaning job, are contained within. Contains energy releasing bleaching agents that we believe are non-toxic to animals, plants and humans. Even though these are all-in-one tablets, at periodic times you will need to physically add a rinse aid and dishwasher salt to enhance results. Suitable for septic tanks. NB: contents have potential to be an irritant, avoid contact with eyes and do not ingest.

Also available in 1.4kg packs (70 Tablets)

If you find it at all difficult to source this item on the shelves in major supermarkets, Ecover items can be found in many independents selling Health Foods and Eco-friendly products, or you can Buy direct – details here

This item was been 2014 approved by the Good Housekeeping Institute.

TSS Says: Fully Recommended

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