Ecover Product Reviews and the Observer Ethical Awards 2014

Ecover are in association with The Observer Ethical Awards 2014 and the SHORTLIST for the Ecover Young Green Champions Award has recently been announced. They are as follows:

  • Andover Trees United – A community group based in Andover, Hampshire, aiming to design and create a new woodland area open to everyone in the local area
  • Mama Margaret’s – A project that teams students in Thornleigh Salesian College Bolton, with women from the Dagoretti slum in Nairobi to make and sell a range of hand-made, craft items to support the families in the slum
  • Roch Valley Educational Partnership – A group from Rochdale turning discarded green space and woodland into an educational resource for the local community and surrounding schools

Well done to all three!

To mark this moment in the award’s proceedings tssreviews have invited three Guests Bloggers to review Ecover cleaning products.

The first product is Ecover’s Mango and Shea Butter Washing-Up Liquid

ECOVER Mango and Shea Butter Washing- Up Liquid

Janet V (from Burton Upon Trent) says she uses Ecover Washing Up Liquid exclusively and this is why “I started using Ecover washing up liquid when I had a narrow boat on the Thames.  When you are putting water directly into a river you must be mindful of the wildlife and the fish in particular.  I carried on using Ecover on my boat, in my caravan and in my home.  I find it an excellent product, easy on the hands, efficient at cleaning my dishes and very affordable.   I also use Ecover laundry liquid and fabric conditioner.  It is good to have good products which have such a low impact on the environment”

Food blogger and product/restaurant reviewer Claire S (from Angus) was really thorough with her trial – she says “

So, this is my first review for TSS Reviews and also my first time using Ecover products. I’ve been aware of the brand for years, but always considered it more expensive and a luxury household product (out with our housekeeping budget!) But actually, when you look at the retails online of between £1.50 and £1.99 per bottle, it’s actually not that expensive.  What did impress me was how small an amount I needed.  A small squeeze was enough to create a basin full of bubbles. I tested out the Ecover with a greasy chicken plate and left it to soak in fairly hot water.  The Ecover did the job: clean plate and the bubbles remained after half an hour.  I’ve definitely noticed that some cheaper own brands bubbles just disappear at the first sign of grease.  From what I’ve seen so far, the bottle will last a good couple of weeks, making it value for money. Also, the bottle, cap and labels are all fully recyclable, meaning we can do our bit for the planet, without going out of our way to a specialist recycling plant. I would definitely consider buying Ecover products in future, including this washing up liquid, which didn’t dry out my sensitive skin.”

The second product under review is Ecover’s  Amongst the FLOWERS Fabric Conditioner

Briony Stebbings Fabric Cond shotMummy/Lifestyle Blogger, Briony S (from Norfolk)

I’ve never used Ecover products before but I really like this, it smells amazing and leaves my clothes really soft, the towels fluffy, and I’m happy to use it on my little boys clothes because it’s so natural. Now I can’t put a finger on why I haven’t used their products before, I just haven’t, can’t say it’s because they are expensive, as having had a look they seem to be in the exact same range as the other main brands. Now I’ve tried it I’m actually far more likely to buy it again. I really like it. From the packaging (that is simple, bright and pretty and is recyclable), to the scent (which is fresh and clean but not at all overpowering like others I have used). My favourite thing really is the fact I can use it for the whole family, I can’t be doing with splitting loads for baby clothes and adult clothes. Whilst I don’t dislike the scent of the ‘baby friendly’ gentle versions of other brands they would never be my first choice. I like this floral scent though and it is the kind of one I would have chosen pre-baby. The final thing I really liked, and I’m not quite sure how to explain this, is how light it is. By that I mean the liquid itself is really thin, not as thick as others and I felt this was reflected in the clothes, the fibres didn’t seem as weighted down as they did normally.

Bloggers, if you would like to be a guest blogger at on occasion, join our Outreach Group – it’s free – email for details


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