We are almost watering at the mouth when opportunity comes our way to trial new salads from Steve’s Leaves. We are not in a habit of pushing products we review, but we have to be gushingly complimentary of this new salad called PERSIAN CRESS & LUSCIOUS HERBY LEAVES. Note: keep the leaves chilled and consume by the Use By date to enjoy at its best.

Our Editor has profiled in some depth Dr Steve Rothwell (Steve) in her post entitled Beyond Organic Gardening published on another platform back in Sept 2012, and, as we have all but declared before, when we have reviewed Steve’s Leaves products, is that their bagged salad leaves are the best there is, for reasons previously outlined in the video and in the bold text section here.

This newly launched mixed bag contains frilly, Persian Cress (an ancient crop growing in popularity once again), together with Baby Green Batavia, the sour, slightly peppery Baby Red, Cos, Wild Rocket and the mild onion flavour in the Chives is the nearest you can get to something that is freshly picked in terms of quality of freshness. The mix is a nice fusion, and surprisingly nothing overpowers. The leaves are soft textured, no tickling sensation to the roof of the mouth like you get with some more firmer, scratchy type salad leaves.

Waitrose/Ocado is the major stockist of this brand. The Waitrose exclusivity is a gripe however, if, like us, you are not a regular online grocery shopper, and happen to be a central Midland’s consumer, you simply cannot get hold of the product with any ease. If the company exhibits at farming shows and food festivals, it tends to be in their own part of the world, in Hampshire, or somewhere nearby. Comment is welcome in regard to this point.

A reminder once again that:

  • Steve and his team create special habitats on their farms to encourage friendly forms of wildlife.
  • Leaves are not grown ‘out of season’ and, therefore, are not grown under artificial light. Grown either in the UK or abroad.
  • The business promotes the importance of nutrition by blogging on the subject of healthy lifestyle matters, and by including recipes that are nutritionally balanced on the website at
  • No chlorine used in the washing and preparation of ‘ready to eat’ natural foods

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