Featuring the ‘Goldie’ Classic DENMAN® D3 STYLING BRUSH

back and front classic brush
‘Goldie’ Classic DENMAN® D3 brush – 7 Rows Medium
Pins are Nylon and Round Ended
Brush Dimensions: Length: 8.25″, Width: 1.6″
Handle is smooth, flat and teardrop shaped

For all lengths and types of hair

Denman International Limited is part of the Denroy Group of Companies. The DENMAN® brand is a market leader in the UK and it exports its products to more than 60 countries worldwide, therefore The classic DENMAN® brush is recognised by professionals and consumers the world over. Denman International is a marketing and sales organisation based in County Down, Northern Ireland which also operates offices in London and Amsterdam, and has a wholly-owned subsidiary company, Denman Inc., based in Boston, USA. The company’s Pro Expert website includes a full online catalogue, product and shipping information, secure payment section, and helpful advice and tips in regard to the professional products for Hair Stylists and Barbers worldwide. Trade and retail.

£7.50 from www.denmanbrush.com

This is one of three Special Edition Anarkitty designs. Anarkitty is well known artist, Emma Geary and her initials AK appears on the brushes, as well as her cute little creation named ‘Goldie’, as a feature decoration. Goldie sports a 60’s style Bouffant, a Denman rococo swirled patterned mini dress, high heels, and the beehive hairdo is topped with the Denman crown

Anyone who has ever used or possessed a Classic DENMAN® hair brush, whether a professional hair stylist or otherwise, will be familiar with the quality and compilation of the plastic moulding and the staggered arrangement of the strong, nylon pins arranged in rows. They will know that the handle provides a comfortable grip, and that, all in all, the design of the classic brush allows for good tension control when blow-dying hair and that the warm air is channeled in such a way that various styling techniques can be managed. The rubber pad is anti static and is effective for smoothing and shaping hair. The product has iconic status and needs no further performance verification from us. What is not so well known is that the brush can be dismantled into individual components to allow for easy cleaning/sterilisation of separate parts, and then be reassembled easily and straightforwardly. The design itself, although gloriously recognizable, is rather plain, and so it is imperative that the Classic continues to appear as Special Editions which encapsulates fashion culture or history so to appeal to the gift buying market. It may be useful if more ‘how to do’ videos appears on the website which tie in with these Special Edition themes, for instance with the launch of ‘Goldie’ a video showing a tutorial of how to do a Bouffant hair style might have been a good idea to show over at www.denmanbrush.com




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