Pink Grapefruit Scented Candle and Pink Grapefruit Room Fragrance Spray – by Sandy Bay London

It has proven to be the case that manufacturers and sellers of scented candle products have enjoyed much more than just a brief phase of popularity.

Sandy Bay London’s candles, as are a high percentage of other fragrance enhanced candles selling on the luxury market, are made from paraffin wax; not beeswax, or soy wax. The company’s high end candles and other home fragrance collections, to a large degree, have a hand crafted quality in terms of their manufacture and the product styling is splendid. The marketing strategies deployed have proved highly innovative in reaching target audience.

Whatever reservations you might have about burning paraffin wax candles, know that Sandy Bay London’s products are not cheaply put together or mass produced. Owner, Sandy Burns, is unabashed when it comes to talking about her choice of materials. She says the fragrances are premium and are well mixed and that the candle wicks are 100% cotton. Sandy also tells us she has been working with home shopping channel QVC UK and makes this statement about the subject of Quality Assurance and how important it is when it comes to working closely with such companies
Quality Assurance to the customer is paramount and we go through the strictest of Q & A to pass their required standards. This ensures that the customer receives a quality and trusted product when they purchase.
Under review:
Pink Grapefruit Candle 30cl (burning time 40 hrs) £25.00
and Room Spritzer 50ml

The candle is hand poured wax and fills a chunky, white glass container. The Spritzer is liquid room fragrance in a small, slender glass bottle with a pump spray. The fragrance of Pink Grapefruit and Orange plus an additional floral bouquet is immediately evident when lighted, or sprayed, whatever the case may be.

TSS Says: we have found that reviewing anything which involves the perfume industry in ordinary, straightforward terms can dim down the glamour that surrounds the world of designer luxury somewhat. Perfume/scents used in the manufacture of anything perfumed from aftershave, to soap, to room fragrances etc. are largely chemically produced in modern day labs or perfumeries and can contain animal extracts, as well as plant extracts. Our product reviews are, purposely, not deeply academic, so please direct any queries you have to the business in regard to product manufacture. Contact details here

What we do know is that the essential oil ylang ylang is present in all Sandy Bay Scented Candles and that no dyes are used. However, the room Spritzer contains chemicals which include Limonene. Limonene is a chemical compound used widely in cosmetic and cleaning products manufacture – the warnings are on the label in regard to possible allergic reaction if inhaled etc. Likewise, safety information is included on the base of all the candle products.


The overall presentation of both items under review is very pleasing; they are feminine and sophisticated by design. We love the large, glass tumbler like container and how neatly and expertly filled it is. The floral fragrances present in this candle, as all the Sandy Bay candles in fact, really does add an extravagant feel to the home when burning, and the candle in its container enhances the mantel piece or the table top when positioned as an item of internal décor too (even when unlighted).

Sandy Bay London is a business we have trumpeted about in the past. Having put other candles to trial from the range previously we now know that all the products carry a kind of signature, and to achieve that recognition each time, for every differing item, is the mark of a good company. Even when the fragrances are different, there is an identifiable fragrant waft which accompanies all expulsions produced. The burn of the candle is not a fierce one, (even when we forgot to trim the wick before use each time when trialing over a few days), and the overriding fragrance is definitely Grapefruit, as it is with the spray too. The room spray is high in performance when you compare it with like for like products, but it is potent so ensure it is dispensed within a large, airy room or an indoor area that is quite open. The presentation, of both items, is a triumph and includes gift bags, lots of ribbon and tissue paper – unashamed luxury, all in all, and that is what we love about Sandy Bay London!

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