Single Pack Gluten Free Oat Cookies by Mrs Crimble’s – Product Review

New Gluten Free Oat Cookies by Mrs Crimble’s are:

Cranberry & Almond Oat Cookie, Guide price RRP £1.49 - Mrs Crimble's

Cranberry & Almond Oat Cookie 60g RRP 1.49
Double Choc Chunk Oat Cookie, Guide price RRP £1.49 - Mrs Crimble's
Double Choc Chunk Oat Cookie 60g RRP 1.49

Question: Is there Gluten in Oats?
Bearing in mind these are Oat cookies under review; it is often queried whether or not Oat actually contains Gluten. Our research has verified that Oat does not contain Gluten and can be ingested by most who follow a Gluten-Free diet for health reasons. People can be sensitive in different ways to eating Oats however, the same as they can to Gluten containing grains like Wheat, Barley and Rye. For anyone who might experience discomfort in the GI tract when digesting grains, it may simply be down to the increased fibre intake as this can cause internal irritation for some. Oats can be ingested harmlessly by a high percentage of Coeliac patients but there must be guarantees before one does that there has been no contamination by Wheat, Rye or Barley at source. Mrs Crimble’s highlight Oats, Soya and Milk as allergens on the cookie’s packaging, and warn too that they may contain Egg, and Nuts, but there is nothing on the pack, nor any in depth Q&A information on the website that is immediately obvious about grain source and manufacture, and, as far as we are able to establish, the company is not mentioned under the heading ‘Gluten Free Products and Services’ at Coeliac UK online, why this is? We do not know. The company will be much better placed than we are to handle further questioning in this regard – contact the business itself with any queries you might have.

The Brand
This Gluten-free brand, Mrs Crimble’s, started up over 30 years ago, but recently you will have seen much shelf space dedicated to their ever increasing Gluten-free bakery products, in all major supermarkets as well as farm shops, health stores and delicatessens. Mrs Crimble’s can also be found in the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Mrs Crimbles (2)

The Cookies
It has always been difficult for people to find individual Gluten-Free cookies and cake portions when they are out and about. These single pack cookies are now widely available, perhaps not in the one pack format in the retailing outlets mentioned in the paragraph above, but more in places like Railway stations, Motorway services, so you are able to purchase in these kinds of drop-in outlets and pack away in your bag or pocket to enjoy with your coffee later on. We found both cookies to be chunky and firm and that they snapped and crumbled like a perfectly baked biscuit (cookie) should. You are able to catch any crumbs you drop straight into the bag. This is also a very hygienic way to sell a cookie actually, so for this reason, and others we mention, we think the single individually wrapped packs are ace. Yet these cookies are not just for the Gluten-free consumer they join the ranks as another choice for the mainstream snack hunter. They are satisfying to eat, and they do stave off hunger pangs for a long time because of the slow energy release of the oats. The dried cranberries in the Cranberry and Almond cookie provides a soft, chewy texture and the chocolate pieces in the Double Chocolate Cookie are creamy tasting. These cookies are not premium or quite as gorgeous as an artisan made cookie might be, but they are not dry and bland either, and can match many chunky style pre-packed cookies and biscuits out there for price, taste and convenience.

— Mrs Crimble’s (@mrscrimbles) July 4, 2014


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