Cape Cod – Doormats by Turtle Mat

Cape Cod

New England’s colonial past is hugely reflected in its architecture and furniture, and this, plus its maritime background gives the place a particular cultural identity which sets it apart from the rest of the country. Cape Cod is the part of Massachusetts in the US which juts into the Atlantic at its easternmost position.


The Product

The Cape Cod Turtle Mat is an all weather doormat which tips its hat to cord/rope weaving methods synonymous to North America’s Marine States particularly. The Turtle Mat Company (Turtle Mat) are now selling these specially designed mats that are famous in the US, exclusively in the UK.


The cord used to weave this mat, is made from a durable man-made material (Polypropylene). The material will not break down in the way natural fibre does; and it is waterproof. The special weave provides a wiping surface that is non slippery and which traps dirt. Figure 1 below shows how tight the gaps are between the weave.

figure 1
figure 1


Maintaining the Cape Cod Turtle mat is easy, just wash down with a hose or scrub with a soap filled brush and rinse. There is no top or bottom so you can flip the mat over and use either side.



Available in three colours: Cape Cod Evergreen (as shown), Cape Cod Coffee and Cape Cod Black – these are colours which can cleverly merge the outdoors with the indoors. The colours will not fade in strong sunlight.


45cm x 75xcm £39.95


Turtle Mat’s give a five year guarantee

TSS Says

The Cape Cod Turtle Mat can withstand the heaviest of use, and can be high performing in all weathers when in situ. There is something quite clean and linear about these mats, both practically and aesthetically speaking. The material will not shrink, the Cape Cod Turtle mat will not fall out of shape and the corners will not curl. It is not new to use synthetic materials in doormat manufacture, but in the UK we have favoured Coir (a natural fibre extracted from the husk of coconut) for a long time now. Environmentally, a better option, but you could be buying in excess of three Coir mats to one Cape Cod Turtle Mat. The cordage and the way it is woven provides a pleasing, uniformed pattern arrangement, the chunky style adds colour and character that will compliment any kind of outdoor space and decor.







Note: Featured Image is called Heart in the Hood by Peggy Sirk



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