SHAKEN UDDER – A review of Milk Shake Products

A decade or so ago, the co-founders of the East Anglian company Shaken Udder identified a gap in the market for fresh milkshakes. Selling exclusively to the festival going community across the country in its infancy; this event based brand has expanded and is now packaged for convenience and is retailing in major UK supermarkets.
The Product
A milk drink made from pasteurized semi-skimmed milk (not organic) with natural ingredients – available in 300 ml sized plastic bottles and 200 ml cartons (with straw), contains no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives with vitamins (mainly B12), and Calcium. As we know Calcium is a mineral present in cow’s milk so these drinks are a good source. There are three versions of the bottled item Vanilla (Vanillalicious), Chocolate (Chocolush), Banana (Top Banana) see above, and three versions of the carton items Strawberry, Chocolate and Banana – see below. Less than 5% added sugar.
Preservation and storage
The milk used to produce is from British dairies and has undergone the usual pasteurization process that the large majority of milk undergoes in the UK using high temperature, before it is sold to the public or turned into other milk products. The product requires refrigeration; bottles and cartons should be stored between 0 – 4 degrees centigrade – in store and in the home. One trick to use as a packed lunch addition, is to freeze the carton types overnight and to drop into a lunch bag and box in the morning, this will ensure the best quality of the milk is maintained until lunch time and keeps other foodstuffs nicely cool too. Once opened the contents should be refrigerated and consumed within two days. Best before dates should be noted.

TSS says:
Milkshake, in its true sense, is when cool milk is flavoured, artificially or otherwise, and whipped up to incorporate air and served straightaway while it is holding on to that light and bubbly texture. It is shame that science does not allow the freshness of something that has been mixed, blended with other ingredients and whisked to a frenzy be maintained in a packaged product that has a degree of ‘shelf’ life, or, in this case, a ‘chilled cabinet/refrigerator’ life. Shaken Udder Milkshakes are milk drinks plain and simple. Admittedly, they are extremely enjoyable milk drinks, delightfully creamy tasting and not too sweet, but no amount of shaking to awaken the contents of these kinds of packaged drinks before opening will ever match that thrill of sucking fresh milkshake with that mousse like topping through a candy stripe straw served in a soda glass. Nevertheless, this product is altogether a separate thing, and so has its own key selling points that we have identified, and the business continues to sell real, fresh milkshakes of which we speak (with cream, stripey straws, and everything), from the counter of their large trailer at music festivals all over.
Having tasted the packaged range under review, the happy revelation is, we found that the natural content and the fact you serve it ice cold for maximum enjoyment is the difference between this and rival brands. Those who use artificial flavours and other chemicals to make their ‘milkshakes’ for instance, and other brands that use preservatives so that their drink has become a long life product which can be stored and served out of the chiller at room temperature. No, this product is better than all of those, due to containing natural ingredients such as milk chocolate in the Chocolush, and real bananas in the form of a puree in the Top Banana bottled versions.

Note: The company are currently running their first ever on-pack prize promotion. Purchase of special packs showing the competition is required in order to participate. Enter online . Each milkshake pack has a unique code under the date. Simply input your code without any spaces or punctuation.

Look out for Shaken Udder at the best family festival of the year ‘Camp Bestival’ 31st July-3rd August, 2014 at Lulworth Castle, Dorset.


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