Review of DENMAN® Hair Smoother Brushes

We are acquainted once again with Denman, a UK brand used by hairdressers worldwide, to tell you about their new Tangle Smoother Hair Brush and the Shower Brush.

Denman Tangle Smoother RRP £10.18 incl VAT

It is standard size hairbrush. Dimensions – Brush Length 215mm, Brush Width: 60mm, in a striking Pink colour. The pins are not nylon, but are made from shiny metal. The pins are smooth ended and strong and are set out in an oval shaped head consisting of 11 rows at its widest point. Designed so that it can glide through the tightest hair tangle and is suitable for any hair style.

But we do recommend this style of hairbrush for those people with long, thick or fine hair, specifically.  Anyone, in fact, with the type of hair that can get really knotty after pillow contact overnight, after washing or swimming, and especially after vigorous towel drying. This brush will do the best job of detangling wet hair that has been ‘dried off’. The metal pins and the cushioned back (air filled) help to smooth hair and static is minimal. The pins feel cool against the head and massage lightly against the scalp; the sensation is quite pleasant.

Remember, when brushing medium to long length hair which is requiring detangling and which happens to be unruly, never start at the scalp and fight your way down in one heavy handed stroke of the hairbrush. This action will damage the hair over time, and cause the ends to weaken and split. Instead grab a section of the hair just above the tangle, allow some slack from the roots and let the brush do the job of detangling in short downward or upward brushing at that level. Only when the job is done and the hair is no longer knotty should you brush stroke with the hairbrush across the whole length of the hair, top to bottom.

Also available in yellow

Tangle Smoother Brushes in Pink and Yellow


Denman D6 Brights Be-Bop Shower Brush RRP £3.50

Is a circular brush with back strap so it sits in the palm of the hand for ease of use. This item, like the Tangle Smoother above, is ideal for teasing out tangles and for massaging the scalp albeit in a wet-to-dry (in-shower) situation only. The moulded nylon pins are quite firm, but soften in warm water and are particularly effective for applying shampoo/conditioner in the shower, and for distributing hair gels, oils, and other styling products etc through the hair, but it is not suitable as a blow drying aid and should not be used with hairdryer.

Available in black and an assortment of bright colours

shower brush (2)
Shower Brush

Both items available to buy online at


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