Review of the Tahitian Tiare Flower Scented Candle by YANKEE CANDLE

the Good

  • Made by an established North American brand – Yankee Candle Company
  • A well presented household accessory item – large glass jar with a chunky popper topper lid and a colourful, gold trimmed label depicting Tiare flower blooms
  • Tahitian Tiare Flower Yankee Candle has a strong scent. The fragrance is very much that of a Gardenia style perfume
  • The candle smell is floral and thickly sweet and the wax is milky white
  • The Paraffin Wax used is refined. Wicks are all – cotton and the 10mm length should be trimmed and maintained to a 3- 5mm length before lighting
  • Candlelight creates ambiance. For best results allow the wax to pool into a liquid layer

the Bad

  • Burning the candle on a non-heat resistant surface is not recommended
  • Placing the lighted candle in a draft is not advisable
  • A potential safety hazard – keep away from children and pets and never leave unattended while lit

… and the Plain Ugly

  • There is no strict control measures currently in place of which candle producers are required to meet
  • We found there to be no quality control information to view online directly from the Yankee Candle Company
  • Air quality diminishes while the candle is burning
  • When in the proximity of a burning scented candle there will be some exposure to chemical toxins in the atmosphere. The burn is not clean
  • Inhaling soot deposits from burning scented paraffin wax can cause respiratory problems. Note: If smoking occurs, extinguish the candle, trim the wick and remove the trimmings, before relighting
  • The Fragrances and paraffin wax used to make Yankee candles are man-made – there is nothing natural or organic used in their manufacture

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