Review of Philips Sonicare EasyClean Whitening Toothbrush

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Putting the Philips Sonicare EasyClean Whitening model to the test.

What is Sonic Technology in a toothbrush?

It is a long time patented technology developed by Phillips Sonicare that is identifiable as the movement and vibration of an electrically charged handle and brush head and a particular kind of whipping and blasting action on the teeth, as well as a certain kind of fluid distribution between the teeth and along the gum line, while cleaning

THE PRODUCT – EasyClean Whitening 500 series

All Phillips sonicare products Includes the sonic technology as described above.

019The pack contains:

A Sonic Toothbrush handle with built in rechargeable battery

A Diamond Clean brush head (Standard) with hygienic cap

A charger base


Features include:

A Smarttimer /Quadpacer

An Easy-Start power (pre-activated)

A 28 Day Money Back Guarantee on the original purchase price

2 Year Warranty



Clinical trials of this product have proven that the removal of plaque was significantly higher in comparison to using a manual toothbrush. Marketing information and promotional activities reverberate this fact and advertorial language is echoed widely online by the company and by dental professionals alike, but the variables around the trials have not been publicly disclosed in any detail


RRP £90.00 Consumers and professionals visit available at Boots the Chemist



    • Both methods have the potential to address many oral care needs
    • Both methods require the application of toothpaste
    • The manual method can produce a higher percentage of undirected toothpaste and saliva foam which gives the illusion of a more thorough clean if nothing else
    • The manual method can incorporate a slim handle for manoeuvrability around the mouth that is in ways similar to the EasyClean
    • The manual method can involve curvature and angles to its bristle structure that is in ways similar to the EasyClean Diamond brush head
    • The manual toothbrush can be ergonomically designed so the brush head fits between teeth in ways similar to that of the Easy Clean
    • Manual toothbrushes can, and EasyClean already does, incorporate a multi-bristled head that will remain gentle on the gums when used as long as no hard scrubbing is applied
    • Both methods have potential to maintain strong teeth and keep gums in a healthy condition
    • Both methods have potential to lightly whiten teeth
    • Both methods are effective in removing bacteria, and food that has been deposited after eating
    • The EasyClean alone delivers around 31,000 strokes per minute as part of the cleaning action
    • The EasyClean method is more dynamic
    • The EasyClean removes a higher degree of plaque than manual brushing does
    • The EasyClean is easier to use than a manual when working back and forth along each tooth individually (from the front, over the top and in behind), so it is much more straightforward to target each tooth separately and the motion cleaning is delivered almost automatically
    • The EasyClean alone has an Easy Start feature which allows time for the user to get familiar with power style brushing
    • The EasyClean alone incorporates a Smarttimer so actively encourages, and helps the user adhere to the recommended two-minute brushing time
    • The EasyClean alone incorporates a Quadpacer to ensure the teeth in each quarter sections of the whole mouth get full 30 second cleaning benefit, while encouraging the user to adopt a teeth cleaning programme which lasts a minimum of two minutes
    • The EasyClean alone requires electrical re-charging on occasion (flashing green light together with 3 beeps after brushing cycle indicates that the toothbrush needs to be recharged).
    • The EasyClean requires a simple assembling and disassembling routine for usage and for maintenance
    • The EasyClean cleans the teeth of a brace wearer more effectively than a manual toothbrush
    • The EasyClean means a large monetary outlay in comparison to the manual toothbrush. Heads need air drying in both cases, new toothbrushes and replacement of Diamond Clean brush head (whichever applies) is three months in both cases
    • You can brush your tongue using both methods
    • Many dental professionals worldwide favour the use of this sonic toothbrush brand over a manual toothbrush and will outwardly recommend one


Replacement heads available from Amazon


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