Ravensburger Puzzle Boards – A Blog Feature

tssreviews have put together a number of editorial pieces featuring Ravensburger jigsaw puzzles, but we haven’t, to date, extended our thoughts to include those additional kinds of considerations that one has to factor in before setting about the task of puzzle compiling. This time we are doing

Whether it is subconsciously, or not, we will firstly be considering a few things:

  • the space available for undertaking this type of hobby pursuit
  • the comfort and positioning of the person (people) while doing it
  • and the maneuverability and storage of something that is a largely a Work in Progress until completed

Some people have space within their homes which can incorporate physical things based around their interests or hobbies, and some will, willingly, give up precious space that is usually dedicated to mealtimes, in favour of the puzzle making, for the length of time required to get it done

Others prefer to use a working base that will transport the puzzle and allow re-positioning of the operation onto the floor, or a different furniture top, or to another room in fact. Finding a piece of board that is workable and large enough to incorporate a completed jigsaw puzzle can prove difficult
Here are three Ravensburger items that will help to address one or more of the above mentioned considerations

puzzle companion
The Puzzle Companion
The puzzle companion is a rigid board, but very lightweight – measures 76 x 54cm. Ravensburger puzzles of 1000 standard sized pieces, have a consistent dimension on completion that will fall a few centimetres short of fitting the puzzle companion edge to edge. The working surface is made from flock material so puzzle pieces can adhere to it slightly, and not slip away easily. You can slide and so rotate the board when on a table top to an angle and desired position for any one person at any one time. The board is flat and not bulky, so can be stored behind a cupboard or against a wall when not in use. The Puzzle Companion will make a great gift combination along with any Ravensburger jigsaw puzzle from their vast range.
Selling at Amazon

The Puzzle Handy


Like the Puzzle Companion the Puzzle Handy is a secure base for doing most jigsaw puzzles up to 1000 pieces. Just unfold, secure with the brackets (so that it does not collapse when moved) . Unlike the Puzzle Companion however, the board is not covered with a non-slip material, the board itself is a top quality. non-reflective FSC board onto which the approximate sizes of both a 500 and 1000 pieced jigsaw are marked out. The ‘handy’ element really is because when the board it not in use, it can be folded away smaller than the Companion and can be stored in a drawer, on a shelf or in a cupboard so not taking up so much space than the Companion when not in use. Just remove the securing brackets, refold the board, and it can be put back into the compact storage box in which he came until the next puzzle challenge comes along. This item is reasonably priced and is selling at Amazon

Complete Puzzle Set
This jigsaw has a built in puzzle mat, so a work board or a table top is not a necessary puzzle boardrequirement while assembling. The base layer of this jigsaw is the puzzle box itself, simply remove the puzzle box lid and then flatten down the sides of the box’s base. Insert four large corner pieces (supplied) to stabilise and complete the frame to include four right angles. Compile the puzzle on the surface within the frame. The frame will show a continuation of the puzzle’s overall photographic illustration. complete puzzleMoving away, for a moment, from the concept of a puzzle with its own built in base, because with this set you have a further option. By spreading the finished jigsaw with conserver fluid and allowing it to dry, you are ‘fixing’ the pieces so that it can be hung as one piece of framed wall art that will measure 57 x 44cm. Note: The conserver and the picture hangers are included in the box.
Complete Puzzle Set comes in three themes: Ocean/Sea, Beaches, and Landscapes.
Selling at Amazon




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