Halloween from Yankee Candle – A Blog Feature

Now and again a guest blogger provides us with feedback about a product they have put to the test. Briony S from Tacolneston in Norfolk has sent through her thoughts on the Witches Brew 2014 (Medium Jar) RRP £16.99 from The Yankee Candle Company and she also talks in her engaging and friendly way about the spirit of Halloween and what the festival means, or doesn’t mean, to her particularly.

Halloween is never a holiday I’ve really celebrated. We always have sweets in the house for the Trick or Treater’s who never come, and I often turn a Pepper into a lantern as it’s cheaper, easier, and smaller than a pumpkin, but that is the extent of things. This year with the little one I’m a little more intrigued but not a huge amount, I’ve got him the cutest Halloween sleep suit! There’s a jar of lollipops at the ready in case we do get a knock at the door; and then there is my lovely Witches Brew scent Yankee Candle Jar.

I love the Yankee Candle Jars, they are always so pretty or in this case spooky, with the lids they are easy to store away when not in use and as the medium jar has an impressive burn time of 65-90 hours it will last me several Halloweens.

This will save me the hassle of carving little faces into peppers and gently dropping in a tea light which I’ve then got to light without burning myself. It looks great on my window sill, the black jar uses white and orange to create a night time scene of witches and pumpkins and all things spooky above the houses below. In general it just fits nicely with my very half-hearted and British way of celebrating the day.

I would have hoped for more light to shine through the jar, maybe glowing through some of the white sections to create a bit more a scene, maybe it doesn’t as I haven’t burned it low enough yet, that will take some time to find out but I can’t see it happening so am in no rush. I do think that the black wax is a great touch though, it’s make it look more like an actual Witches Brew than a plain white wax would have done, even orange wouldn’t have been so effective.

As for the scent, well Witches Brew is a very descriptive name, just not of the scent! You know what you’re going to get with something called Spiced Apple, or Rose, or any of the variety of normal scent names out there but Witches Brew? Well to be fair you expect something pretty awful, thankfully it’s not. I can’t quite place the scent, which doesn’t help me describe it, so I looked the website which describes it as ‘a spicy sweet aroma of exotic patchouli’. I’m not sure that helps much, it certainly wouldn’t help me and I’ve got it next to me to sniff! What I can tell you is that it smells nice, sweet and warm, not remotely like Halloween but still really nice and a scent I would pick again for just a general candle throughout the year.
So if you, like me, enjoy a token gesture to celebrate Halloween or you go all out with costumes and decorations every year then this candle will be a perfect fit. It looks great, smells lovely and lasts for ages.


Thank you to Briony for this contribution to our consumer focused blog. From Debra – Editor at tssreviews


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