The Breakfast and Sweet Treats, Gluten-Free, Range by Genius

The Breakfast/Sweet Treats Range consists of croissants, chocolate chip brioche, pains au chocolat, iced cup cakes and sliced fresh Bread all of which are gluten-free, dairy free, and wheat free.

Croissants and Pains au Chocolat were launched in 2012. The rice flour and tapioca content is very obvious, with both pastries having a slight graininess to them in terms of taste and texture, this is not a negative but merely an observation. If something forms a base and is contained within food then of course it will be evident in a product’s make up. Both are pre-baked items and need to be heated in the oven, to warm them through. Both items have enough margarine (hydrogenated) content for the items not to be too dry. Croissants are a little plain, better when served with strawberry jam.

brioche rolls
chocolate chip brioche rolls

Chocolate Chip Brioche Rolls – launched in Tesco this year this product has a tear and share kind of texture; is sweet, reasonably light and a good match for its wheat containing counterparts. This is a gluten, wheat, dairy free product – Contains sunflower oil. This gets the vote for being the most liked Genius breakfast item between TSS testers; thoroughly enjoyed with our morning coffees!



Chocolate Cupcakes (2 pack) if the sponge has any kind of dryness to it at all, the moist toppings counter balances it with a sugary icing creaminess. There’s been a storm in a teacup of late around the humble cup cake, but whichever variegations and inventions are out there, this alternative is a joy to behold for anyone with special dietary requirements. Cake for breakfast? Why not! Nice accompaniment with a good cuppa. Also available in a Lemon version.

sandwich loaf
Gluten Fee sliced bread by Genius

Sandwich Gluten-Free Bread is one of a range of fresh bread this is not only gluten free, but a wheat free, dairy Free, high in fibre, sandwich loaf made by Genius. The surprise for us, and our introduction to the bread range, is that these loaves are not anything like the hugely dry and uninspiring alternatives sold in vacuum sealed packs with a long life; these breads have a short use by date and are presented in plastic bread bags tied at the neck. Gluten is, of course, the thing which sticks things together because of its very structure, so our slices, we found, struggled to remain whole because of the absence of gluten. Crusts tend to fall away when removing bread from the pack and when being handled, but still the freshness and quality is there; will be delicious when served with your favourite spread and it toasts very well.

TSS says:
Our contact said she couldn’t wait to hear what we thought of Genius. The first job, in regard to reviewing the breakfast range, was to check online to see if Genius is recommended by The Coeliacs Society – which will signify that their products can be ingested harmlessly by a high percentage of Coeliac patients. Genius is, indeed, on their list of approved suppliers which was an excellent indicator from the start. The breakfast range has a better taste, has improved texture, and is more appealingly presented than many other like for like brands selling dietary alternatives. ‘Pleasantly surprised’ is our overall verdict.


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