Review of Slim Fruits (Fruit Flavoured Pastilles)




Our guest blogger at TSS on this occasion is Adele S from Surrey. Adele expresses honesty in her writing and as she likes to try new things we are very happy to receive her review of Slim Fruits. Over to you, Adele:

“I’m going to start by saying these are the best pastilles I have ever found! There is only a matter of a couple of calories per pastille so you don’t feel guilty at all! They come in two flavours: peach melba and rhubarb and strawberry, both of which are delicious and I couldn’t pick a favourite out of the two! You may think that the calories are the highlight of slim fruits but really it’s only the beginning. They have the same fibre content as SIX slices of wholemeal bread, yes you heard that right! They are a sweet that is actually beneficial to you, who would have ever thought there would be such a thing. The benefits of having soluble fibre in the pastilles works when they combine with water in the stomach and swell to suppress hunger pangs and satisfies your sweet-craving. Not only that but the fibre is 100% natural and comes from Acacia Tree gum which is renowned for its health benefits and fibre content that slows digestion and lowers ‘bad’ blood cholesterol. Like the sound of them? They are available in Boots and Holland & Barrett stores nationwide for only £1.89 a pack.”

The images above were supplied by Adele and accompanied her review


We also hope you will enjoy reading this second review of Slim Fruits by Janis M from Dunfermline. Janis is an expert food blogger:

“I’m the first to admit that I can be a bit of a snacker. There’s a certain point in the working day where I crave biscuits. So the idea of a snack that contains no sugar, no fat but packed with fibre to fill you up sounds like a winner to me. That’s where “Slim Fruits” come in. They are designed to “Fill you up, not out”. What’s not to like? For little sweets they are pretty tasty they come in two flavours Peach Melba and Rhubarb and Strawberry. Personally I prefer the rhubarb one it reminds me of the rhubarb and custard sweets I used to have when I was younger. I would say they are more of a fruit gum type product than a pastille but that’s just me being pedantic. They come in a nice wee packet which is really handy if you want to stash it away in your handbag for a convenient snack when necessary. Although the picture might put you off as they are a bit luminous and not what the actual sweets look like. I wouldn’t say they filled me up though. They were definitely a better snack to have than a cake or a biscuit so maybe that’s more of the point they stopped me having a biscuit and instead I ate the slim fruits. If you are on a diet , as I have been many times, they would be a good option to give you a little touch of something sweet to get you through the day!”

Liking very much the turn of phrase and the independent thought about the product, Janis!



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