Go Ahead biscuit products – Review

The Go Ahead range from United Biscuits (UB) are promoted as being healthy snack items, rather than being meal replacement bars. No direct substitute, nutritionally speaking, for having pieces of fruit (fresh or dried); a pot of low-fat yoghurt, or a slice of plain toast, but obviously much more convenient to pack up and to consume while ‘On The Go’, so the idea is a good one.

The product samples supplied for reviewing purposes did not have to travel too far from the Midlands Distribution Centre based in Ashby-De-La-Zouch; us being situated on a boundary with NW Leicestershire (just 10 minutes from the McVities site). Yet Go Ahead slices and break bars have been selling for a while in supermarkets and retail outlets countrywide, so this a range of fruity filled biscuits (some with toppings) that have earned their stripes for long enough, and as many consumers have either tried them, or are regularly buying, there is not much we can tell you in terms of quality and price that is not known already.

figure 1 – Go Ahead Crispy Slice – APPLE (5 pack) (each pack containing 3 crispy slices – 15 slices altogether)
Go slices individual
figure 2 – Go Ahead Crispy Slice (pack of 3) 5 in a pack (see figure 1 above)



The fact there are 10 slices (5 packs of 2 slices) in one square box of Go Ahead yogurt topped breaks,


even better

the Go Ahead crispy slices having 15 to a pack – 5 packs of 3 slices inside See  figures 1 and 2 , has a near on psychological effect for the consumer who seemingly benefits for having a 3 for 1 advantage.

Whether it is true or not, the feeling that registers is of receiving value for money, of gaining an extra treat for oneself, and brings on a willingness to share the food around.

Nevertheless, this post is not only meant to serve as a reminder of the exterior and interior food packs, but to pass on the news that UB have been actively reducing saturated fat and salt from biscuits (and the cakes) they produce, and have been removing additives, sweeteners, colours and artificial flavours over the last nine years or so. In the case of Go Ahead we can verify that all these aims have been reached.

Recently however, it is the sugar content found within processed food that is under growing scrutiny, so we thought, as a matter of interest, that we would compare overall nutritional information in regard to a Go Ahead crispy slice (Apple) and Go Ahead (Forest Fruit) with an undisclosed wheat based product, (traditionally eaten at breakfast time) that contains a fruity filling; 100 g for 100 g.

Interestingly our shredded wheat biscuits have a calorific value that is markedly lower than the Go Ahead slices, are a better source of fibre and are lower in fat, sugar and salt. Our product (that we have now revealed in all but name) being a fruit filled, whole grain item, is, admittedly, not a like for like comparison, even so, could be easily portioned up and bagged and transported in a lunch box for snacking purposes, and, although, more drier to eat than the Go Ahead crispy slices (themselves a little dry), is a good product match to Go Ahead all things considered.

It seems then that UB still has a way to ‘GO’ to be a viable contender in the real healthy eating stakes despite the claims.

Taste wise, the Go Ahead Yogurt breaks (forest fruit) turned out to be the the unanimous favourite among TSS testers, as the yogurt topping provides more moisture to the overall texture than that experienced when eating any one of the Go Ahead Crispy slices.

Go Ahead Crispy Slices are also available in Orange, Raspberry, Red Cherry. Blueberry and Strawberry.

Go Ahead Yogurt breaks also available in Strawberry, Raspberry and Red Cherry.

Go Ahead 4 - Copy
Figure 3 : Go Ahead yogurt breaks – FOREST FRUIT – 1 pack illustrated containing 2 slices – 5 of these packs in a box

One thought on “Go Ahead biscuit products – Review

  1. I live in Jamaica West Indies, Ocho Rios. You have a wonderful product. The Go Ahead biscuits are delicious and healthy. After first discovering them, I believe am now addicted to them. I wished I worked at the factory! Congratulations on a great product. Dionne.


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