The Ludicrous Library Jigsaw Puzzle from Ravensburger – Review

A Guest Reviewer from Bury St Edmunds has submitted this sparky review of The Ludicrous Library Jigsaw Puzzle from Ravensburger:

‘The Ludicrous Library Jigsaw Puzzle from Ravensburger is anything but ludicrous, it is an excellent puzzle with an intricate and engaging design that will bewilder yet satisfy all who attempt it. I’ll be honest, I am usually one of those people that starts a puzzle and doesn’t complete it. I’m on holiday, it’s guaranteed to rain so I’ll buy a puzzle from a charity shop and barely even start it. 

This time around I was so bewildered by the design, the bright colours and the quirkiness, that I just couldn’t stop myself from completing it. I feel like 500 pieces worked well for this puzzle, you didn’t lose any of the intricacy of the design and it was easily completed within a few days on a coffee table. The bookcases are the hardest parts to complete and everywhere you look there is something you missed on the first glance, you think it’s a book over there but it’s really a bat and the intrigue of what you may discover next really pulls you in and before you know it your dinner is on fire!

The puzzle pieces were of a very high quality, with a non-reflective surface which was key as I was sat directly under the light. The pieces were a good fit albeit a little stiff for the first completion but I am confident that next time it will be a little looser. The image of the Ludicrous Library is designed by popular children’s illustrator Colin Thompson, known for his illustrations in children’s books but don’t let that fool you into believing that this puzzle is just for children. I can honestly say that this puzzle brought out the inner child in me and I have never been so excited by a puzzle! Complete with children, young adults or just the young at heart, this is not a puzzle to be overlooked.’







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