Best Products of 2014 at TSS

Peruse the slideshow showcasing the twelve products that achieved Product of the Month acknowledgments this year, 2014 at

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These twelve top products items and consumables fall under a range of different categories.

Under Home Improvements we kicked off the New Year with Product for the Month of January the Olive Oxide Eco-Emulsion Paint by Reborn Paints

and under the same category…April’s Product of the Month was the Mira Cleanse Module Soap Dispenser.

Recent news from Mira Showers is that the Mira 360m Showerhead with 4 unique sprays is selling well

Under the Category: Cleaning – Household and Industrial appeared two superior product items:

The first ALL-IN-ONE DISHWASHER TABLETS by Ecover. Our Product of the Month for May 2014.
Ecover has recently undergone a rebrand. To celebrate its 35th birthday the brand has received a Colour Pop makeover. The product ingredients are the same, but there are new bottle shapes and labeling.

Many Congratulations Ecover!

Another success under this category came in the summer, when the Cape Cod Doormat by Turtle Mat received our scrutiny. We were so impressed we made it Product of the Month for July.

To show our versatility and the effectiveness of our reach we had a clear winner from a completely different category. Under Designer and Fashion One Wish Sterling Silver Keepsake Jewellery by Kalk Bay was the February favourite.

See two funny and endearing additions to the One Wish collection below

'I like you more than pizza' RRP £30.00
‘I like you more than pizza’ RRP £30.00
'we go together like movies and popcorn' RRP £33.00
‘we go together like movies and popcorn’ RRP £33.00

June’s Product of the Month fell under the category of Fashion and Beauty and the award went to the ever popular Batiste Dry Shampoo. This time it was the one that celebrity, Pixie Lott put her name to.
Look out for the review of the NEW Batiste Care & Vitality coming soon at TSS
campaign 11

…and under the all important Categories Healthcare and Personal Care the star of the show was the Philips Sonicare EasyClean Whitening Toothbrush We were thorough with our comparisons and the item came out on top in September!
Food and Drink items often wing their way to the team for review. We had four Product winners over the course of the year, all very different, but all foodie items produced by special businesses, three with a long history and all four with an interesting story attached. The Four consists of one from Scotland, one from Piccadilly, London, another from Chesterfield, North Derbyshire and the last from one of Manchester’s industrial towns. All of whom demonstrate an expert business operation and continued product inventiveness.

So without further ado –

Under the category of Food and Drink our PRODUCT OF THE MONTH for March was The London Gin Truffle Easter Egg by PRESTAT. London Gin Truffles happen to be a best seller all year round – the secret ingredient is the fizz!

…and under review very soon, 2015 will be Prestat’s Yuzu-Sake chocolates. Look out for it!

For August 2014 – Food and Drink our Product of the Month was the Crunchy Peanut Butter by Duerrs

For October 2014 – Food and Drink our Product of the Month was the Choc Chip Brioche Rolls – Gluten Free by Genius

for November 2014 – Food and Drink our Product of the Month was the Moroccan Mint Tea by Northern Tea Merchants.
Northern Tea Merchants sell beautifully presented tea/coffee hampers to your personal requirements.
tea hamper from Northern Tea Merchants

We see a lot of Ravensburger Puzzles over the course of a year, but our guest reviewer, Grace gave such a sparky review this month of The Ludicrous Library that you really felt you wanted to own it and have a go doing it after reading her words, so under the secondary category Jigsaw Puzzles this item has received early notification of being our Product of the Month for December 2014

That’s it! Twelve prestigious items falling under seven and more very separate categories – wrapped up in one showcasing opportunity.

If you would like your product independently reviewed, honestly and openly without bias, get in touch, because this piece proves that if you have a good product and business acumen then all that is great will shine through and speak for itself anyhow.



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