Trade Press – The Fruits of the Forest Dessert by Erlenbacher

TO ALL HOSPITALITY OUTLETS AND FOOD RETAILERS HERE IS A FRUITY, FESTIVE TREAT FOR YOUR CUSTOMERS – consider serving in your restaurant, or displaying in your shop, a fruity alternative to the traditional Christmas Pudding

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The Fruits of the Forest Tart has a soft, sweet, shortcrust pastry base covered in a creamy filling. This sugar dusted tart is garnished with ample toppings of juicy strawberries, blackberries, large blueberries (which holds their form well once defrosted) and redcurrants too. Attractively presented as a dome shaped offering, this decadent tart is tempting to the eye and is markedly superior to the premium apple pie we recently reviewed in all respects. It is a light dessert and not stodgy at all so is perfect for serving after a Christmas meal.

The cakes are offered ready to serve – pre-cut into 12 portions that can be removed as individual slices.

Fruits of the Forest Tart Preparation:

Remove the cake from packaging. Allow to defrost in the refrigerator (6-7°C) for about 18 hours. Note: Desserts need to fully defrosted but then be kept chilled to achieve good, all round, presentation


Erlenbacher Retail UK

Erlenbacher Professional

fruits of the forest tart








Visit here to read what guest bloggers, Janis and Adele says about another current festive offering, namely the Strawberry and Vanilla Cake by the same producer


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