Trade Press – Strawberry and Vanilla Cake by Erlenbacher

Strawberry Cake

The Erlenbacher brand is sold to trade and served at events, in restaurants, cafes, fancy food stalls; cake shops and patisseries, food halls and delicatessens across the UK and beyond.

The Strawberry and Vanilla Cake is currently promoted as being a seasonal variation on a classic favourite  – this is a dessert cake from the creamy dessert range, with a bourbon vanilla and strawberry yogurt cream, has muffin layers and is glazed with strawberry topping decorated with white chocolate strips.

Two guest bloggers give their genuine thoughts after putting the dessert to the test:

Food Blogger, Janis says:

I really enjoyed the frozen dessert from erlenbacher. It was a perfectly balanced cake by which I mean the tart strawberry top complimented the soft mousse like filling extremely well.

The cake part was extremely soft and light. No heaviness as can often be the case with frozen desserts. It was almost fluffy, you could quite easily believe it was freshly made.

The mousse filling was delicious.  Again very light and the strawberry and vanilla elements went so well together.

All in all the perfect end to a meal. I would recommend erlenbacher cakes and my personal favourite point is they use high quality ingredients and no trans fats to preserve them.


Lifestyle Blogger, Adele says:

I shared samples with my friends and we all had quite similar views on this one.

I’m personally not a huge fan of fruity desserts, I’ve always loved chocolate ones that bit more. This cake exceeded expectations though, and it was quite literally a dream. It had strawberries and vanilla cream with two light cake layers. It is topped with glazed strawberries and was supposed to have white chocolate strips but I didn’t see them. I will also add that the presentation of the cake was n’t overly appetizing and the top layer of glazed strawberries fell away from the cake.

The recipes only use high quality, natural ingredients, there are no added preservatives, artificial colourants, hydrogenated fats and oils or artificial flavourings

TSS says:

We have had one or two chances to take a close look at Erlenbacher’s twelve portioned offerings of large frozen baked goods and to sample the quality first hand. Our main observation is that pieces can ‘flop’ a bit in outward presentation, but the taste and texture is largely unaffected. The best success you can achieve when serving individual slices to your customers is down to careful considerations made to transporting and storing the dessert in both its frozen and defrosted states. Both products come ready to serve and can be arranged attractively on any shop surface. See our previously published review of another alternative to Christmas Pudding here


Erlenbacher Retail UK

Erlenbacher Professional


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