Valspar pot
Vaspar 6

Custom tinted paints by American paint brand, Valspar are being launched exclusively in B&Q stores, in the UK, from February. The tinting technology has the potential to match colour, exactly, and to customer specification. Any shade of any colour can be scanned and recreated in paint form, allowing interior and exterior spaces to be decoratively painted in achievable ways and where outcome for the individual is more bespoke. The planning can be skillful in regard to complimenting themes that are centred more on the aesthetic qualities of something that is nature inspired or is reminiscent of a favourite place or object in the mind’s eye


Valspar at B&Q offers a full range range of finishes including Masonary paint that comes with a 15 year guarantee against fading, flaking and peeling. Interior formulas include wall and ceiling emulsion paints (matt, mid-sheen and silk), interior wood and metal paint in eggshell, satin and gloss finishes; primers; undercoats; varnishes, spray paints and enamel paint in pots; all of which are said to be premium. The tinting machines in B&Q Stores will be able to tint paint formulas that are suitable for any painting surface

TSS says:

We acknowledge that this tinting technology is not new, some DIY stores/decorating centres have been offering paint tinting technology for some time; available to both trade and retail customers alike. Nonetheless, Valspar is new to us and so it will be new to the majority of our readers. We are looking forward to reviewing a Valspar product in the near future and are eager to put the quality of finish and performance of the paint formula to the TSS test – look out for Valspar appearing at again very soon



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