The Dulux MixLab at Homebase – How it works

Since the summer of 2014 Homebase Stores have been replacing the Dulux paint tinting machines with the new Dulux MixLab. The previous incarnate allowed colour matching and specified choices of paint mixing products for the customer. That tried and tested tinting technology is not much different in these new installations. What is different with the Dulux MixLab, is that cut down on the complexity and angst that can sometimes come about when shopping for paint, and the process itself (in store) is much more customer friendly. Dulux MixLab is exclusive to Homebase

The Dulux MixLab is designed so you move through 4 steps, from left to right. Steps 1 and 3 can be self accessed, for Step 4 you will still require the services of a trained operator/staff member to mix the paint for you. After Step 4 is complete you will have a packaged paint product – ready to pay for and go, that has been produced to your exact specification

dulux mixlab

Step 1 – COLOUR
A long, rectangular panel which has a grid arrangement that categorises Dulux colours into sections that allows the working out of colour schemes. You can browse horizontally across the unit to find harmonious colours, or vertically to find colours that can create a tone on tone effect. If you have a swatch or two of soft furnishing fabric to hand, or something textural from nature perhaps, or a design idea in a magazine clipping, that you would like to colour match, contrast, or harmonize, then this set up allows an ‘all in one go’ visual experience to make your selection meet your requirements with improved accuracy over what has gone before. If it is directly an exact shade of paint you seek, customised to your very own decorating desires and you have found a clothing item, a book cover or cushion maybe, that is the perfect shade, then you can simply take the item into store and scan it to match its colour. The scanner is easy to use. Place the scanner head flat on the item, keeping it still while depressing the button, the indicator light remains on while scanning takes place and a printed receipt follows which has all the information for the operator to key in when he or she mixes your paint at Stage 4

Once you have selected your colour, Dulux MixLab prompts you to select the room to be painted and recommends that you add the right function for the job (at this step it is a good idea to take a mental note of the displayed finish you will require). 6 Functions include:
Stain Resistance for the kitchen (matt finish only)
Moisture Resistance for bathroom (soft sheen finish only)
Hardwearing for the hallway (matt finish only)
Light and Space Enhancing (flat matt only)
Standard (for walls and ceilings) – being the only option available in all finishes: matt, flat matt, soft sheen and silk
Standard (for interior wood and radiators) Formula finish is: eggshell, satinwood and gloss

Step 3 – FINISH
Moving along the face of the unit to Stage 3 and you have selected a colour and the required function within the room setting, and have identified, in your mind, the required finish for your walls and ceilings to best fulfil the function. Finishes are: Flat Matt, Matt, Soft Sheen, and Silk
A brief reminder:
Kitchen – select matt finish
Bathroom – select soft sheen finish
Hallway – select matt finish
Room that requires light and Space enhancing – select flat matt
Standard (walls and ceilings) is the only function available in a choice of all four finishes of your personal choice
Standard (for skirting boards, doors, etc) select – eggshell, satinwood and gloss

Step 4 – MIX
When you are ready to have your paint mixed, speak to a member of staff and request assistance

The following You Tube video presentation demonstrates, visually, what has been outlined above


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