What have Nintendo ever done for us? – Reader’s Feature

This Reader’s Feature from Metro News explores Nintendo and its leading role in gaming history


Where would gaming be without Nintendo? Where would gaming be without Nintendo?

A reader tries to list all of Nintendo’s hardware innovations over the years, as he charts their influence over the whole of console gaming.

In the comments section the other day someone wrote, and I paraphrase here: “It doesn’t matter what Nintendo have done, someone else would have done it’. This belittles the entire point of having a history and I feel it is something that anyone with a passing interest in our hobby should be aware of.

I wrote a list of what Nintendo actually have done but I didn’t post it, I thought it might actually be worth remembering what Nintendo have actually done for us in a Reader’s Feature, so I present to you what Nintendo should be credited for.

Nintendo saved the American gaming industry

They saved the American games industry after the crash of 1983, where the games market…

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