Review of Patch Leather Handbag by Compass at Aldi Stores UK

Leather/synthetic long-handled Handbag/Shoulder bag : The main body is made from leather, the base, the handle and trims are made from synthetic material
Colour: Black
Measures: 12 x 14 x 4 inches approx (H 30 x W 33 x D 10 cm)
Design: is patchwork with black stitching detail
Decoration: gold coloured zips and a single gold coloured button to the front with symbol etching
Interior: two large divided pockets, one small (pockets are zipped)
Bag is lightweight, sturdy and fully lined

Aldi Stores Nationwide this March



This is a Mother’s Day Aldi Special Buy item available in store

Handbag 1

Handbag 2

This is a classic fashion item which allows a woman to get creative with the accessorizing of her outfits. Just because this bag is discount retailing it is not one to be sniffed at by the fashion police. The styling is not old fashioned. There are two large compartments within that are big enough to incorporate a tablet, an e-reader or notepad or small laptop. There is no sewn-in mobile phone shaped pocket incorporated, but keeping this device in the small pocket will allow easy accessibility to it . All interior pockets have zips for openings and closing for to keeps things organised and secure. Ideal for the office worker, or as a shopping bag, and for use in formal occasions, so whatever it is you look for in a bag it’s all combined in what we would describe to be an item of mid-budget quality, therefore, we were genuinely surprised when we checked the price to see it was selling so cheaply.

Handbag 3

Handbag 4

handbag 5


This handbag is one of a good few gift items geared specifically with the adult female in mind for Mother’s Day gift shopping. The featured image (below) illustrates the bag, along with a scarf with a pretty pink coloured print and a dotty make-up which forms part of a set of three cosmetic/toiletry bags which are part of the Mother’s Day range. Other items include the animal print umbrella and knitted style ballerina slippers which are also illustrated below.

handbag 6

Ballet Slippers

animal print umbrella

TSS says: Recently we have been presented with a steady stream  of Aldi product samples sent over to receive our critical scrutiny and respected opinion; the majority of it being clothing.  The Mother’s Day items we received are of  a standard that is no less inferior than other store branded goods of a similar vein. When making typical type comparisons with other retailers, including the UK’s big four supermarkets, there is little difference in the quality standards of these types of consumer goods. Aldi’s TV advertisements where an individual says ‘I like this one‘ and shows in one hand a recognizable branded item and compares it (on the other hand) with the lesser priced Aldi equivalent while declaring that they ‘like this one too’, means that while the company could be criticized for not giving due consideration to what is a price-sensitive market, it is undeniable that they are continually breaking down those sometimes wrongful preconceived notions people have about buying stuff at discount. We believe this blog feature demonstrates how well the items can come across when packaged and presented properly, and, if a similar kind of consideration be made when gift wrapping and presenting any of these things to a recipient of the motherly kind, well then they should be well received and appreciated and you’ve saved yourself a bit of cash along the way.



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