Flirty Dancing books by Jenny McLachlan

Star Struck
Star Struck

Author – Jenny McLachlan

Published by Bloomsbury in Paperback –

Release date 10 March 2016

RRP £6.99

A Children’s Fictional Book – for 12 + years

Overview: The first person voice this time is Pearl. Pearl has grown rather a mean girl reputation in this series. In this, her story, there’s a Romeo and Juliet themed show to put together, but that’s not the only drama going on in this book. Pearl is destined to star, but when new girl, Hoshi arrives she lands the main part over Pearl. This is the story of how Pearl handles her jealous feelings; how she comes to learn more about Hoshi after conducting an online search, and how the two get stranded in London one Friday night. The spotlight may well be on the two on them but there are just enough sub plots and the interweaving in the story line of other characters to keep it rolling

Comment and Guide: The last from the Flirty Dancing Series and it is deep down apparent that McLachlan is quite the traditionalist in her story telling, and she is consistent with relaying Pearl’s strong personality, and the personality traits synonymous to her three friends Betty, Bea and Kat, as she should be, after all, she has come to know them well! It is plain, that McLachlan hasn’t forgotten her own teenage years but wonder if there are too many culture related references of life in the late 20th century that may well ride straight over the heads of a pre-teen reader. Lovely that Pearl will surprise and that the observational humour is ever present, but a little generic is the theme, and so sensible of McLachlan and Bloomsbury that there were only four characters meaning they can stop at four books, which, by the way, have been very well received

love-bomb-500ISBN 978-1-4088-5609-3


Author – Jenny McLachlan

Published by Bloomsbury in Paperback –

Release date 12 March 2015

RRP £6.99

A Children’s Fictional Book – for 12 + years

Overview: Betty’s mother had died when she was an infant, but never more did teenager, Betty, long for the kind of guiding hand and the voice of reason that only a mother’s love can offer. And when it comes to her playing the dating game and dealing with life’s mini dramas, well, who is there to turn to for support? Her father isn’t much help, and she, at times, finds him plain embarrassing anyway, and her relationship with him is strained as he has a new girlfriend. But in an old Quality Street tin Betty finds some letters to ‘Dear Plumface‘ written especially for her, by her late mother (Mumface) to help her deal with the kind of angst she is now experiencing. Her mother’s words are insightful, funny, not overly sentimental, and a great help for a girl longing to experience her first true love

Comment and Guide: We have a mother who is, spiritually, ‘getting down with her kid‘ The author has been deliberate in not making the mother’s words in the letters linger on the kind of poignancy attached when a dying mother is wising up to the fact she’ll not be there for a daughter as she grows up. This is a sensible approach on the author’s part, so humour is light, characterization and the daft style of humour is amusing in a stereotypical way. There are lots of modern culture references. The tone is sparky, and the author’s writing flows well. This is a fun teenage read and is the second in a series of four about a group of four friends.


ISBN 978-1-4088-5611-6sunkissed


Author Jenny McLachlan

Published by Bloomsbury in Paperback

Release date – 13th August 2015

RRP £6.99

A Children’s fictional book – for 12+ years

Overview: The style conscious, Kat is down to spending her whole summer break on an island which has just two roads, which she believes will be be boy-free. Worse still, it is soon apparent there’s no phone reception  and that her cabin has no electricity! She meets Leo, and despite the furor attached to him, she’s a little underwhelmed…at first. This is a perfect summer tale of days spent in the countryside, with friends, and, once she settles, you get no more pooh-poohing from ‘Wild Kat‘  about the kind of lifestyle and activities she may, at one time, been rather sniffy about.

Comment and Guide: This is the third book from a series which is proving to be really popular. The book’s release date coincides with the middle of the summer break; a time when a young person can take a step back from the studying and dream a little. Recommended!



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    Happy publishing day to author, Jenny McLachlan, for SUNKISSED
    SUNKISSED is the kind of book a young person can ‘Jump in to and dream for a bit’. Read the review and for Love Bomb, two titles from the popular Flirty Dancing series


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