TSS Business of the Month for March 2015 is RONSEAL

‘Does exactly what it says on the tin’
Ronseal cannot be profiled to any full extent without mentioning their famous advertising slogan which featured strongly in TV advertisements, stemming from 1994, where a straight talking guy tells us that the DIY product (that he slams down hard to get our attention) ‘Does exactly what it says on the tin!’ We will continue to see the Ronseal idiom in future promotional campaigns and across multiple platforms, that’s for sure, and the continuation of being more representational in speaking to a wider cross-section of DIY enthusiasts in our British Life.

Ronseal One Coat Wood Primer & Undercoat TV Advert 2014 – 20 Second (source You Tube)

Because of the success of that initial advertising campaign Ronseal became a brand leader, so it would be completely daft to ditch that famous hook line. This is Pop Culture after all. Ronseal is owned by US company Sherwin-Williams (one of the largest producers of paints and coatings in the world). The phrase ‘Does exactly what it says…’ is now a registered trademark of the Sherwin-Williams Company, and they have their own well known trade logo too: ‘COVER THE EARTH’ and this features on product labels, on their commercial printing, on their press releases, and on the back, sides and front of their delivery trucks that come rolling out of their base in Cleveland, Ohio. Recent UK business news from this American coating’s giant is that their new European headquarters is situated at the ‘developing’ £800m business park Airport City (next to Manchester Airport). And as for Ronseal itself, its long established headquarters is not too far away in Chapeltown, Sheffield. Ronseal employs approx 300 members of staff, including lab technicians who continue to research and develop various paint, stains, colours and supplies.

Ronseal 2
Ronseal products include woodcare items: like a special wood wax (which protects like a varnish but has the natural feel of a wax) and anti-bacterial worktop oil (for kitchen worktops). Other products for interior surfaces include tile paint and floor paint. Garden products are not just fence treatments as the company also manufactures and retails wood preservers for other large wooden garden installations and furniture items i.e. decking, garden tables and chairs etc. Other product ranges include wall/wood filler products, and for covering outdoor wood with paint there are a number of Woodland inspired shades which include some new colours : Peacock, Beetroot and White Ash. Among the prep items available is a fence power sprayer.


Environmental, Health and Safety compliance and performance

The very nature of the chemical manufacturing and the processes used, and the huge amounts of tin (or plastic) packaging that is required to safely contain products that have a high viscosity, will always be impacting, hard, on the environment and public health. There will be no skirting of the issue here, but there is an element of the ‘double edged sword’ about it. Because, by painting surfaces in the home and garden with Ronseal’s oils, treatments, paints etc. there is, indeed, an act of preservation going on. Technology will continue to manifest in green products, but like many other manufacturing businesses of waterborne products it is hard to avoid coming under criticism no matter how much you care, and this is despite the good practices that the company have already adopted in regard to recycling, reducing and disposing of waste material. There are brands of eco-paints on the market which are safer alternatives to the potentially toxic compounds present in Ronseal’s products. Nevertheless, Ronseal products are much higher in performance in comparison, and they do provide excellent surface protection to indoor areas which has heavy people traffic passing and items that receive a good few knocks and bangs. Garden features that remain outdoors over winter will be prone to rot and will not benefit from a brushing of anything that is natural and made of organic materials in an effort to protect them from the elements. Water and frost will penetrate the wood, so making a garden shed rainproof, for instance, requires a certain amount of man-made chemicals and science lab formulation behind it. At present, this remains the stark reality. Ronseal do not make any false claim that their products are environmentally friendly, but their products do help to sustain things. They help to lengthen the life of wood and so will lessen the need for consumers to buy and replace large household and garden fitments and furnishings as often as they may have to otherwise.

Note: This is our newest Business of the Month dedication and a product feature all-in-one


‘Ronseal Story’infographic here


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