AirTurn PED Hands-Free Controller – A Preview




AirTurn PED hands-free controller


The Product: AirTurn PED Bluetooth SMART (for the foot control of your tablet or computer device)

Developer – AirTurn Inc – The Netherlands – Manufactured in the US

$69.00 (47.10 GBP)

  • Compatibility: works with most Bluetooth SMART READY Equipped Tablets including iPad 3 and later, and Computers (Mac, PC) and iPhone 4S and later, Android 4.3 or later with Bluetooth 4. Note: A compatible app is required
  • Mode: six available. PED-APP-Direct and HID (not all compatible apps will function in both modes)
  • Size: measures 4 inches H (76mm) x 6 inches L (152mm) x less than 7 inches (18mm) D
  • Suitable for hands free page turning while reading or controlling applications on a Bluetooth SMART READY device


An assistive type of technology I see as being useful in foot controlling a tablet or computer, so that musicians specifically, can view/read or page turn sheet music, guitar tablature and song lyrics via an app on a Smart ready device, so that during music playing and/or live performances there needs to be no breaking of the rhythm to turn a page, or to scroll down or click through screens with the hand. Also an alternative to using button hand-switch operation during slide style presentations


As the official release date of the AirTurn PED Hands-Free Controller  has not yet arrived, and though imminent (22 April 2015) this did not undergo a trial by TSS Testers in the same way items do when under review

*the previewer found the link to check out the Bluetooth SMART device list on Page 4 of the information booklet supplied (text is in English only). Here is the link

The AirTurn PED Bluetooth SMART is a small, compact and lightweight item which, ironically, fits comfortable between the two hands like a game’s controller would. It has non-skid material as feet, which roots it, and will help to stop it from ‘travelling’ on a slippery floor avoiding the need to go searching for it with the foot in those crucial moments of live performance. This unit will, of course, work very well using an app on a smart phone too, but perhaps a little less effectively because of the small screen (see above for compatibility)

Battery powered (CR2032) which is included – plus spare (see figure 3)

Has PED Instructions on the base.

AirTurn ships to worldwide customers

figure 3
figure 3



Negative – whether you’re a tech head, or not, for those who are not so Bluetooth savvy, the information in the booklet attempts to pre-empt situations when the unit will not comply, so some of us will need the booklet to hand. And not only for the trouble shooting information but for getting conversant with how it is going to work with your device and your personal set up. Like any new piece of kit I think you may be referencing, researching and seeking support online until its requirements and function becomes  fully apparent

Positive –In music education, teachers and students will increasingly look to technological alternatives and solutions that will result in paper formats being used less and less in favour of digital alternatives. It will happen more. It  will be common place to read from devices that has whole libraries of sheet music at a touch, tap, and a swipe, and you can read it without having wires and leads attached. This AirTurn PED will have a myriad of other uses both on stage or off

*The preview of the AirTurn PED Bluetooth SMART was undertaken by experienced reviewer and TSS Editor, Debra Hall. A published repeat of this post is on Debra’s creative blog with an educational focus called


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