Crucial computer memory upgrades – A Review

Believing we will see improved performance of the office desktop a Sony Vaio VPCJ11M1E/B  by upgrading its computer memory, we set about putting the Crucial system scanning process and the Crucial memory upgrading to the test

fig 1
fig 1


So the Crucial website is on our screen (fig.1) and it is just one click of memory from the page bar

fig 2
fig 2

(fig 2) we know our system specification and we could key this information straight in using the Advisor Tool on the left, after selecting the manufacturer from a drop down (in our case Sony) we can select the product line and the model of our PC. Nevertheless, let’s try the second option, the System Scanner Tool, to test its efficiency. TheT&Cs are there to agree (scanner software license agreement) once agreed, the download of the system scanner took just a few seconds after clicking the blue download button on the right

fig 3
fig 3

(fig3) The results appeared on a new download screen with a unique Scanner ID at the top left. To the left hand side is information of the current system status of the computer and the results of compatible RAM upgrades are in a list format on the right. It is possible to make the comparisons and identify different levels of upgrade pairings to meet the desired level of improvement to your system and the costing information for each

fig 4
fig 4

Our chosen upgrade: a 8GB Kit (4GBx2 channel kit)

From then on it is simply making the selection from the list and adding to the cart, continuing through an online payment transaction using credit card or PayPal (standard UK delivery is free) (fig 4)

TSS says
The process is clear, efficient and quick, and you repeat it exactly the same way for laptop memory upgrades too. First thing to do, if you want to change the memory of your laptop, is check that memory replacement is straightforward. With some laptop models, you have to more or less dismantle the insides to get to the memory, to replace it, and the risk of damaging the inner workings is quite high so it is not advisable. As it turns out our Sony Vaio desktop uses laptop type memory anyway and to change it was very easy, just a case of removing the cover at the back of the computer, and as expected, once the new memory was installed the speed performance of the computer was noticeably faster

Note:  It is also possible to scan your computer for solid state drive upgrades too by selecting that option on either one of the easy-to-use tools we talk about above


Crucial is a brand of Micron and they are expert in the field of computer memory and storage. The memory it manufactures is premium. Manufactured in-house.


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