Shaken Udder – TSS Business of the Month for April 2015


Badge Business -of the monthA food and drink categorized company features as a Business of the Month once again, and, as it is the time for outdoor events to take centre-stage we thought it apt to feature a business, which, in its infancy, were booking their retailing space at almost every UK main music event happening and were selling flavoured milkshakes in disposable cups with straws which went down a treat with thirsty festival goers; and continues to do the rounds today! The Shaken Udder festival unit is booked again for this summer’s festival calendar 2015, but what else has happened with the business in the between years exactly?


Pictured above are Shaken Udder Owner’s Jodie and Andrew Howie


The business has grown to be much more than a refreshing drink geared for the party crowd alone. After some tweaking with the recipes and the business plan,  founders Andrew and Jodie (a husband and wife partnership) produce three flavours of bottled milk drinks (300ml): Vanilla (Vanillalicious), Chocolate (Chocolush), Banana (Top Banana), and Chocolate and Banana flavours appear again in the smaller carton packs for children (200ml) along with Strawberry. TSS reviewed these mainstay recipes previously (click!)

From their Tiptree in Essex base the pair’s funky cow brand supplies Shaken Udder bottles and cartons to all major UK supermarkets and online.  The brand has also caught the eyes of buyers working in high end retail including Booths, Selfridges, Harrods, Whole Foods Market and Fortnum & Mason.

So what is next? The business is now over ten years old. With the tenth year being the best year to date, with new customer sales growing by 63% and some supermarket accounts growing by 29%. The festival tour for 2015 is underway as mentioned and the website and social media activity continues with a high degree of thoughtful programming promoting the healthiness of their fresh drinks when comparing with processed forms from other makers. The talk advocates the importance of getting out-and-about and being outside and having fun, believing that their product, as part of a balanced diet twinned with the taking of regular exercise is a worthwhile food snack that is easily transportable.

At those times when weather is cold and wet there’s a Shaken Udder website for children which includes Moo club membership, games, downloads and competitions geared for the young with quirky little cow characters. The site is cheerful and interactive. See the screen shot below.

kids website



festival unit
festival unit

Shaken Udder have formed other partners including B2B, B2C, charities, bloggers and the East Anglian press. The brand has wide appeal as we have detailed. The business continues to trade successfully and is looking to grow their export market.


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