The Townhouse Kettle by SWAN – a product review

kettle duo

The Product

1.7 litre capacity Cordless Kettle by Swan
Model SK34010REDN

Input voltage – 220-240V

Frequency 50Hz

UK 13 socket system (if using outside the UK use the correct plug adaptor)

Power Consumption 2520-3000 Watts
Finish – Red Metallic with stainless steel and a soft touch handle

360 degree base

Concealed element

Water Gauge

2 year Guarantee

Note: The Townhouse kettle weighs just over a kilo (unfilled)




The Place

The Price

RRP £59.99

The Selling and Promotion

Find out all you should know about the Swan brand here

Townhouse collection is a new kettle and toaster range from Swan. Both appliances in the range come in three different colour options, metallic red, traditional cream and sleek black. The kettles are cordless and are pyramid shaped; a design which fits with both a contemporary and a traditional style kitchen

IMG_2979 copy

TSS says:

The item required little effort to set it up ready for use for the first time. Once the outer and inner packaging is removed from the kettle and its base, it is more or less ready to go.

Remove the lid and fill with water into the top of the kettle (as the mechanics of filling directly into the spout did not work that efficiently). Fill with a capacity of water that sits somewhere between the MIN and MAX lines. Make sure the lid is back on  again tightly and securely, place the kettle on its base, connect the plug to the mains supply; press the power switch down; allow to boil (the kettle switches itself off), then the discard this water from the first boiling.

Testing the efficiency of heating water to boiling point, we filled, with the same volume of water,  this new Swan appliance (figure 2 below) plus another kettle (from a different manufacturer – figure 1 below). We turned on the switches in unison. Once electricity was flowing the older kettle was quieter in its operation than the Swan version, the Swan kettle however, reached boiling point a whole 15 seconds sooner than the older kettle. Admittedly, in the case of the latter, some scaling could have slowed the process slightly, but, still, fast boiling means a faster cuppa for the thirsty. Liking this new kettle by Swan, aesthetically it is very pleasing.


2 thoughts on “The Townhouse Kettle by SWAN – a product review

  1. Update 13 June 2015 – It has came to light that the kettle that was sent over for review has a fault in that it does not always turn itself off automatically, which means you kind of have to stay put and watch it if not the kitchen quickly gets steamed filled if you leave it, and the hot water is frantically bubbling away which is quite dangerous if left unattended for a long period. This happens randomly, but quite frequently.
    Swan have been notified and they have been swift to respond “Please pass on our sincere apologies to Debra for any inconvenience or disappointment caused. We are very keen to get this product back for further investigation. To date we have had no returns of this product and no complaints of this nature before now. I will submit the kettle to our Quality Assurance department for a thorough examination and have a report produced on their findings. Dependant on the result will depend on how we move forward with this item. To ensure a meticulous investigation is conducted I will also submit a few kettles from our stock of the same model for testing.”
    Arrangements have been made to collect the item from the reviewer’s address next week. Will publish the findings at a later date


  2. Update 10 July 2015 – Re: Kettle return for testing. The QA manager at Swan reports the following:

    ‘Live tested over a period of seven days, fault could not be replicated. The kettle was quite heavily contaminated with limescale. This has been known to cause problems with temperature control. If there is a fault with the Strix control mechanism, it is too intermittent to determine a cause.
    The results were inconclusive and to date there have been no other reported problems with this kettle.
    Swan is going to continue to use the kettle in case the problem manifests itself and then it can be resent to QA for further investigation.’


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