Wall to “Berlin” wall food – eating out in Berlin

a critics view of eating out in various restaurants in Berlin

Soliciting Flavours


Very occasionally my work takes me abroad, with trips to Europe mainly. Most people think this is quite glamorous – it isn’t. Long working days and then solo nights in chain hotels is not really much fun especially if there is no time/you are too tired for sight seeing. Also most chain hotel restaurants are dire. Getting out and about for dinner is one of the ways I make it a bit less dreary

My latest trip was my first to Berlin. I have always found Berlin fascinating due to having grown up when the Cold War was in full swing, with Berlin and the Wall being the frontier between East and West.

The wall particularly resonates as I remember it when it stood as an imposing symbol of the Cold War and when its fall heralding the end of it.


Berlin, to me, is a funny old place without…

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