Clean Up time! With the Deep Clean Mop by e-cloth

‘Does he clean up? No, he never cleans up’ (song lyrics by artist, Alesha Dixon)

But this ‘Mop Head’ does!

Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of the Deep Clean Mop it cleans floors efficiently and effectively. It consists of a flat base with removable Deep Clean mop head (an e-cloth), plus handle. A Velcro strip attaches the mop head onto the base. The whole system is extremely lightweight. Designed to remove grease and dirt from all kinds of hard floors including ceramic tiles, stone, vinyl, vinyl tiles (only with a waterproof underlay), wood, and laminate. However, for laminate flooring which is not designed specifically for bathrooms, or is in situ without an aqua board base or a waterproof lining, we would suggest a quick swish round with a Dry Mop Head only (available separately) to remove surface dust and small dirt particles.

The Handle
The handle is telescopic and with a simple twisting action it is easy to adjust. A short hand reach can be achieved, which means it is possible to reach the darker recesses under floor standing units etc. more easily. When it’s fully extended the handle is 1.5 metres long. It pivots too, so you do not have to be standing and working the mop from a set position with the handle being held stiffly in front. Handle has a plastic grip.

The Mop Head

There’s no need to drag or to be lifting a heavy bucket of water around with you. This is soap free cleaning if you prefer it! Simply wet the mop head under warm water from the tap, squeeze, and then attach and you’re away. When the head is dirtying up, strip it away the Velcro seal again, rinse under a steady flow of water from the tap, reattach, and carry on.

Tester’s Feedback
‘my usual method of cleaning internal floors is to use heavy duty, absorbent, disposable paper towels, which I first saturate in a detergent solution using hot water, I squeeze hard to remove excess water, and then I use to wipe around the kitchen floor area and beyond. The towels being of the type you can wash out in a floor cleaning liquid solution more than once, and reuse as part of the same day floor cleaning. These usually dirty to such a state where I would need to eventually bin them; it would take at least four or five paper towels to complete the job.
When putting the Deep Clean Mop through its paces, admittedly I did use a detergent cleaner, as the images above demonstrate, and not just water as the manufacturer suggests. I found the mop head absorbed the solution just as effectively as the paper towel, and it produced a better clean judging by the amount of debris that accumulated in dirt lumps and rolls on the floor. This was more of a wash than a wipe round however, because it proved harder to remove excess water from hand wringing the polyester material, than squeezing water from a paper towel ever was. So for this reason I would be reluctant to use it on laminate as the head holds onto the water and remains wet to almost dripping.
The real reason why this e-cloth product worked better is because the mop head flat lines with the floor itself, it leaving no gaps, and so can make contact with grease and dirt that falls into the natural grooves, grouting, or cemented areas and the fibres, because of the fibre arrangement, lifts the dirt and traps it.
I felt compelled to put the mop head through a 60 degree machine wash to launder it clean, as I thought bacteria might multiply if I’d only rinsed it under the tap after use’.

The following video shows the Deep Clean Mop in action

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